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The Christmas Goat and IPv6 (Year 13)

36% IPv6 until 2022-12-28 10:00:01

2022 was not a normal year for me. We sold our company of almost 25 years to Interlan Gefle AB to Nordlo Group, and I also moved away from Gävle city to Boänge, a small rural village outside Sandviken where my ISP (AS20626) still isn’t ready for IPv6 in my location…. ☹ ( I use a Mikrotik with a Wireguard tunnel to solve my IPv6 today.) It’s 2023 when I’m writing this, and I can’t understand why ISPs still haven’t deployed IPv6!

When we were planning this year’s measurements of the goat, it appeared that the municipality of Gävle had changed the streaming platform from their self-created platform to Youtube. Therefore, we missed some of the first days, but we solved it with a 0x0 pixel picture linked to one of my own servers.

I have not even seen the goat live this year, so the picture below is from my own “goat-site” where I also had updated statistics every 10 minutes from the 0x0 pixel picture.

As you can see below, the statistics have decreased last three years, but this year the goat was visible directly on Instagram and Youtube without going through the main site where the picture where hidden. I have no idea if the Instagram/Youtube situation is one reason for the decrease this year.

13 years of IPv6

The IPv6 traffic in Sweden has increased from 8.6 to 13.5% since 2020, according to Google statistics, but it is still very very low compared to corresponding countries.




IMHO Sweden is losing development and innovativeness in all areas if we continue using the Internet without IPv6 everywhere. CGNAT is a crappy emergency solution without any chance to expand or develop the Internet in the long run.

Last year I wrote this in my goat blog—“It’s sad that Sweden’s largest mobile operator and a broken business model stopped us in the development of the Internet.”

Among many other reasons, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority released a report in 2022 (Swedish only) where there could be a legislative change requiring IPv6 for the public sector, Internet Service Providers and Communication Operators if they don’t start to adopt IPv6 soon.

But happily, I have noticed a big difference this year in the IPv6 activity among smaller Communication Operators and smaller ISPs and their thinking and deployment regarding IPv6.

I have moved many Communication Operators on ISPwithIPv6 sites to the Hall of Fame from Hall of Shame this year.

By Torbjörn Eklöv, Senior Network Architect, DNSSEC/IPv6

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