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The Christmas Goat and IPv6 (Year 14)

The photo on top is from early December and the bottom is from New Year’s Eve

A new year and a new goat with new conditions, the goat was slowly eaten by jackdaws, and in the end, almost only the frame remained. This was really slow TV for the devastation… You can read more on Wikipedia about the devastating jackdaws and the straw.

36% IPv6 is equal to last year, and I had high hopes as Telia (AS3301) has made great progress in IPv6 and that Sweden should be the dominant country. But Sweden is still not the dominant country, and as “always,” Finland and the USA are the major countries in the IPv6 statistics.

Sweden has almost doubled (doubled for me, at least!) the IPv6 traffic in one year!

The main reason is Telia’s (AS3301) upgraded its FTTH infrastructure. In the picture below, you can see the skyrocketing IPv6 statistics from APNIC.

We are waiting for IPv6 on the mobile network now, Telia!

We have some IPv6 projects in Sweden, two of which are the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority IPv6-Forum and TU-foundation “Robust Internet 2030”. Since the TU foundation doesn’t have a website, I can’t give you any public information about that project from them.

The best short information about the last project is Fem små hus; the project has been restarted and changed the name from “Fem små hus” to “Robust Internet 2030”. Both links are in Swedish only, but translating those is easy.

But why are there many more visitors from outside Sweden? As with everyone else these days, I asked ChatGPT! “In summary, the combination of its unique nature, global connectivity through the internet and social media, its history of being a target for vandals, and the general global interest in diverse cultural traditions have all contributed to the Gävle Christmas goat’s popularity outside Sweden.”

I have hoped for some years where I have thought that we should pass 50% IPv6, but not this year; maybe next year? I hope I can do some measurements next year also but it depends on one person on the municipality of Gävle so I can’t give any guarantees.

By Torbjörn Eklöv, Senior Network Architect, DNSSEC/IPv6

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