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Mary Roach

Director of Product Marketing, MarkMonitor
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Mary Roach is Director of Product Marketing for MarkMonitor Brand Protection solutions and brings over 15 years of marketing and management consulting experience from the Internet, wireless and medical device industries. Prior to MarkMonitor, Mary held various senior marketing positions at technology companies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and was an engagement manager with A.T. Kearney and Quattro Consulting.

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Typosquatting Continues to Pose Dangers to Enterprises, Consumers

While typosquatting is not a new phenomenon, recent research highlights that it is being used to collect sensitive corporate information from employees and lure consumers to interact with dubious websites. ... Security consultancy Godai Group recently uncovered the use of a specific type of typosquat - a "doppelganger domain" - to collect sensitive enterprise information via email-based attacks. more

Chanel’s Message On Fakes: We Take It Seriously and So Should You

Chanel's warning to counterfeiters: "we are watching and we are taking action." That's the literal message you will see when visiting around 40 websites that used to sell counterfeit goods (such as that now redirect to the Chanel-owned website These domains were transferred to Chanel as a result of a favorable decision rendered in May 2010 against two counterfeiters. more

Old Dog, New Tricks: Gift Card Scams in Social Networks

In the past few months, a flurry of gift card scams leveraging such high-profile brands as Best Buy, Whole Foods and IKEA have emerged on Facebook. These scams often use the brand's logo, website URL, or general "look and feel" on Facebook "fan" pages to give the impression that these offers are legitimate. Some scams are even bold enough to include bogus, non-interactive fan comments to add a greater sense of authenticity to the gift card offer. To date, these scams have been successful at tricking tens of thousands of consumers. In just one day, for example, a fan page titled "IKEA Get a FREE $1000 IKEA Gift Card! (ONLY AVAILABLE 1 DAY)" registered 40,000 fans before being shut down. more

EU Ruling on Google Ad Keywords: Implications for Brand Owners

In a landmark judgment issued this past Tuesday, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that Google is not liable for trademark infringement when an advertiser purchases a keyword based on a competitor's trademark to trigger a search ad, so long as it removes infringing ads promptly when notified by brand owners. However, and this is critical, individual advertisers could be held liable if ads triggered by a keyword involving a competitor's trademark are found to confuse consumers. So, what qualifies as consumer confusion? more

A Sophisticated Online Counterfeit Ring

Online fakes can be a lucrative business and difficult to crack down on, due to the ease and low-cost of setting up multiple virtual storefronts and the ability to obfuscate an operation's identity. A federal lawsuit filed on March 1, 2010 by Polo Ralph Lauren and VF Corp. illustrates these points and highlights many of the intricacies of an online counterfeit ring. more

How Copyright Violators Are Removed from Search Engine Listings Based on DMCA

It may not be widely-known but the big 3 search engines -- Google, Yahoo! and Bing -- have established procedures for removing natural search results on the basis of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). That's good news for brand owners: if consumers can't find infringing websites via the search engines, they're less likely to come across them at all... more

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