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Charlie Abrahams

Advisor and Commentator on the Brand Protection and Domain Management Sectors
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Charlie Abrahams has been involved in the Online Brand Protection and Domain Management space for more than fourteen years and is widely considered one of the “founding fathers” of the sector. Having led the worldwide commercial organization for the market leader, Charlie has worked with the most infringed brands on the planet over several years, to help them deal with online fraud, counterfeiting and digital piracy.

Charlie is a media spokesperson and thought leader on the topic appearing on BBC Breakfast, Channel 4, multiple radio stations and speaking at conferences such as “eCrime” and “the Global Secure Summit”.

Having retired from operational duties in 2020, Charlie now helps investors, vendors and end users understand how to handle the challenges involved in the expanding digital landscape and optimize their strategies via

Charlie holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Sociology from Cambridge University.

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2023 Review of the Online Brand Protection Market

Having been involved in this sector for over fifteen years now, the rate of change in the market dynamics continues to surprise me - from its early years when MarkMonitor and NetNames clearly led the space for several years, then seeing well-funded startups such as Yellow Brand Protection and Incopro challenge that, followed by a period of heavy M&A, it is now extremely diverse. more

Calculating the Return on Investment of Online Brand Protection Projects

In the early days of Online Brand Protection (OBP), before it was commonly understood how damaging to revenue infringements could be, this was an extremely popular topic. I remember delivering webinars on the subject then and even running a couple of half-day in-person workshops for brand owners at major conferences. more

Dealing With Non-Compliant Infringers – “The Other 50%”

I often read marketing material from Online Brand or Content Protection vendors, especially some of the newer ones, that make IP rights enforcement sound very straightforward. In some scenarios, given the correct processes are followed, this can be the case - using eBay's VERO program or similar offerings from the major legitimate platforms, counterfeit listings can be removed very quickly. more

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