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First Root Zone DNSSEC KSK Ceremony

ICANN will hold the first Root Zone DNSSEC KSK Ceremony on Wednesday 2010-06-16 in Culpeper, VA, USA. At this event the first root zone KSK will be initialised and the first production KSR will be processed, in accordance with the policies and procedures described in the various documents published at http://www.root-dnssec.org/.

Attendance within the key ceremony room itself will be limited to just those with an operational requirement to execute the ceremony. However, since this event has generated significant interest, we have made additional space available in an adjacent room for observers who wish to attend the event. Observers will be able to watch the proceedings within the ceremony room in real-time using a closed-circuit audio-visual feed from the ceremony room, and staff will be available to answer questions those attending might have about what they are seeing.

Space for observers is limited, and will be made available on a best-effort basis. If you are interested in attending the ceremony as an observer, as described above, please let us know by submitting your details at http://dns.icann.org/ksk/ceremony/attend/ before the end of Friday 2010-06-11, UTC-5.

By Mehmet Akcin, Strategic Negotiator

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