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Neustar Expands Professional Services Offerings for Communications Service Providers

New Offerings Support Broad Array of Information Services and Analytics Solutions

Neustar, a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, telecommunications, information services, financial services, retail, media and advertising sectors, today announced the expansion of its Professional Services portfolio for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The new offerings support the broad array of information services and analytics solutions offered by the company, which include business assurance, network analytics, and marketing and advertising analytics.

Today, CSPs face complex challenges in applying the insights and analysis needed to drive growth and efficiency. Neustar Professional Services arms CSPs with the technical expertise they need to plan and implement their information and analytics strategy without adding internal resources in order to accomplish these efforts. Neustar subject matter experts specialize in operational solutions and data analysis, bringing an average of 20 years of IT telecom experience and eight years of experience with Neustar-specific solutions.

“In order for CSPs to perform at maximum efficiency, they need a complete view of their business and network performance,” said Steve Edwards, Senior Vice President of Carrier Services at Neustar. “With Neustar’s new Professional Services offerings, CSPs have a full support structure of industry experts to help develop that complete view.”

The expanded offering includes services for:

  • Priority Assessment services to proactively identify opportunities and help set business priorities for the application of analytics solutions.
  • Data Audits to pinpoint data issues and identify data discrepancies between various systems and processes.
  • Business and Performance Analytics to identify and address potential opportunities throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Neustar offers custom analysis of operational data to improve performance and efficiency.

“Neustar capabilities are also designed to support the marketing and advertising efforts of the CSP,” said Ted Prince, Senior Vice President of Media and New Ventures at Neustar. “The ability to engage Neustar’s subject matter experts enables CSPs to leverage data they have to make the best short- and long-term decisions for customer acquisition and business growth.”

Learn more about Neustar’s full suite of CSP Professional Services offerings.

For services specific to marketing and advertising analytics, learn more here.

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