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2050: The Internet Odyssey - How We Lost It and a Way to Get It Back

The Internet was replaced by a dual system created in 2014: a fiber optic network called “Net2Cash”. It has a speed of one hundred Petabits per second (equivalent to 100 million Gigabits per second or 100,000 million Megabits per second). We no longer talk about Megabytes or Gigabytes because that is old school. Nowadays a couple of Exabites store the content of all written by man, from books and newspapers to Sumerian clay tablets; from Inca quipus and Egyptian hieroglyphs to all homework made by kids registered in elementary school. All written or recorded material stored in just two Exabites. All big cities are connected with fiber to home since many years ago. That was the job done by the only three worldwide megacarriers with the help of central governments. We pay the price to get it at home so we must be the owners of our fiber network but it belongs to the megacarriers no matter if we pay during decades, month by month. We were told it was a pay for the content not for the fiber installation or property. The fiber optic network can transmit thousands of channels of what was called television and radio; millions of movies are shown at the same time for all kind of global users. Billions of personal conversations are transported too in a service that replaced the outdated phone system. All simultaneously. For practical purposes its carrying capacity is infinite.

The Improved Net – Just for the Rich

“Net2Cash” is based on an automatic payment system which deducts all expenses from our master account in the global banking unified system. All residents of large cities have an account because we are automatically registered at birth. This single account manages all our revenue and expenses throughout our whole lives. Using other means is a punishable offense; it goes against the established system and is forbidden across the globe. My account is deducted daily for all kind of public services I consume: water, electricity, gas mileage, tickets for transportation and toll payments to use the physical or the neural highway (formerly called “digital highway” or “information highway”). Licenses for bikes, motorcycles, personal cars, small boats and planes are also paid automatically. Since ten years ago we all pay a fee for air consumption. It is used to cover the expenditures made to maintain a clean and healthy air in the big cities. Global positioning systems, still based on satellite tracking, locate immediately any individual, any vehicle, any computer, tablet or cell phone that is registered in the system. Costs to access public information are also automatically collected: libraries, museums, documents on universities and research institutes, all are included. No protest since the last two generations were born under the neural network and they know that “Net2Cash” network is the only permitted communication tool in large cities. Any other way of interfacing was banned because it was polluting the environment or it was used to hack and did not respect copyrights. Worse case is that some free Wi-Fi systems were used for subversive purposes and anti-system protests. Today the wireless channels are used for the localization network and to have full access and control of the personal economy and the whereabouts of individuals and devices. All this is made thinking on the common good for all people.

Here, in the Neural Network, all services are allowed to be charged, the same with the access speed (from 1 Gigabit to 100 Terabits) and content type (video premiere is charged at a higher price than the later releases). Films are also charged according to the circuit system rotation, a system that already is more than 150 years old. Price is different if the movie is seen on a cellphone, a tablet, or we use the new acceleration system that comes with the inserted nanochip we all have from birth. This chip allows us to view the film without external devices. Hence the name “neural network”. But everything has its price. It is natural.

The neural network has been designed to provide efficient services and charge for them. Income earned in “Net2Cash” is spread over some hundred mega companies. These are the content providers that work only on this network. Wireless networks were banned ten years ago on the grounds that they were out of control and facilitated crimes, piracy and unauthorized use of services that are fully and legally provided by the fiber optic network. Unfair competence they call it and closed all free wireless networks. Governments, which never allowed the free use of wireless frequencies, claimed all that were previously assigned. We were told they were prone to lack of system control and tools for social disorder. Finally pirated books and movies are out of the government revenue system and do not pay taxes.

What Happened to the Old Internet

The Internet as was originally known is gone. Gone are televisions, radios, cinema, theater or concerts. Everything is transmitted directly to the receiving unit that the person has at hand. All costs are deducted from the overall account. “Net2Cash” is a free fiber optic network that is paid as much as you use it. Of course its cost is deducted from the overall master account of each person. Yet you have to pay for all information received, all must be paid, including private videos, from individual to individual… if they are sent by the network they pay a transportation fee. The worldwide mega-carriers are only three. Presidents and top level government officials directly manage the issues that matter to governments with the CEOs of the mega-carriers. This infrastructure companies became, more than four decades ago, from highway builders to content providers, then to content provider watchers, then to guardian watchers of all kind of the packets that are carried by the network: if something happens without their control they are accountable to governments. It is the price they were eager to pay to differentiate Net2Cash from the old and “too-unmanageable” Internet.

The “charged by your access speed” system began over forty years ago when some big carriers in North America started to charge for transmission speed in what was called the “kilobits” race: 64k, 128k , 256k, etc. And no one complained. Then the collection mechanism was ‘improved’ with the emergence of the mobil Internet and the smartphones: people were charged for “megabyte “of transmitted information. Soon the “good idea” prospered and was replicated by virtually all worldwide companies that provided access to the Internet. Free market, fair competition, social development or technological… no cause was heard: toll bridge rights on the Internet were firmly established. I build a bridge over a river and collect different if you spend walking or running (speed rate toll) and I will charge different if you pass walking with a small pack in your hands or with a cart full of packages (amount of information transported). If you transport one kilo of potatoes you will pay different than when you pass with one kilo of diamonds, or one kilo of books… you will pay different (content payment).

This is the information and entertainment highway for rich people and all kind of wannabees. Gone are concepts such as free pass for all humans on the roads and highways. This is a cultural heritage from when companies, under the guise of free market and the inability of governments to meet public services, got rights to ask a price for water, electricity, roads, air, highways. The new feudal lords re-installed the old and very lucrative “tolls”.

The Net for the Poor

There is another parallel world located outside of the big cities. It is located generally in rural villages around the planet: there lays the remains of the old Internet. Using free wireless technologies, this people, who rebelled against the system, mount micro portable antennas, nail sized, that emit signal for a few seconds and then turn off automatically. They do this to avoid triangulation that was used to detect the location of unauthorized broadcasters. They use a system derived from the old “torrent” protocol or “peer to peer protocol”. This P2P protocol has been transformed ant it no longer transport just books and movies but it carries all kind of packets (the base of the old and good TCP/IP system). The TCP/IP packets are transmitted between “peers”, no “tiers” exist because that was the root of all evils: in this Internet all are peers as it was in the beginning of the Internet. These packets carry any kind of information (personal email, web browsing, video sharing, tv, radio and phone systems… all are included and possible). Packets are relayed from user to user, from peer to peer, as it was on the origins of the Internet. A BGP efficiency routing protocol was revived, put on steroids, to optimize the system.

In order of avoiding extreme nationalism excuses that were used to grab control of the net, users located all around the planet have got global denominations based in a number system. For example all people in my region use the domain “.323” that means “Planet Earth” (since the first number, “3”); then the second number, “1”, means “European Continent”, and the last digit “3” means the region where I am located. No ISO table was chosen to represent countries or regions because we saw from history how governments use this fact to claim rights over the local internet resources (ip numbers and domain names) assigned to the regional users and not to any form of established political power.

In this secondary world there are no Internet access providers (formerly called ISPs) because all users got Ipv6 numbers and they can mount and offer any service without the need to pay to any mega company. All are users and all have the opportunity to be providers, carriers, or service providers in any moment. It is their right and the capacity they got when Ipv6 was globally established. They transport the packets at the same speed, no filtering of packets, no big brother control. It is a mess or a mesh? Hell or paradise? But it is up to you.

The Come Back to the Beginning: Peer Networking

The original system, inherited from the original Internet, is known as P2PN (Peer to Peer Network). Lately it was updated with some down to earth solutions taken from Africa (the sneakernet) and Colombia (the biblioburro).

When no relay points are available in a remote village, they use a system of people traveling from town to town carrying complete collections of books, videos , movies, and documents of all kinds, recorded in the nano devices called “Pico-Neurals”. These replaced the USBs, SD cards and similar devices.

The “Pico-Neurals” are built emulating the human brain: on a nurturing housing mass, electrons are stored and sorted in a particular way that represents the information you want to keep. Its storage capacity is close to infinite. That’s why they were banned and rejected for use on the fiber optic network: a single “Pico-Neural” has all the information that a person can consume in lifetime: They were called unmanageable, not profitable and not monetizable. The Peer2Peer Network plus the Pico-Neurals do not permit information be metered trickle delivered.

All these elements are inexpensive and easily available. The problem is transportation. Only a fiber optic network could carry all the information of a “Pico-Neural” device to the next relay or storage point. And fiber optic transport is controlled: you have to pay to have it installed, you have to pay for maintenance and you are fully registered. Of course you must pay a daily fee for all that is received and sent over the fiber optic network, even your daily family conversations with your kids. Storage capacity is infinite and all recorded data can be searched by the megacarriers and governments. That is the reason why the “Pico-Neurals” are used based on peer to peer networking. We do not like to use the “Pico-Neurals” on the mega-carrier optic fiber networks because all our information is sold by lots and used as a trade card with governments in a “quid pro quo” fashion.

Digital Divide Forever

Practically this segregation of two worlds, two cultures, has recreated the American slave society in force until the sixties mixed with the surveillance society from the Far East where emperors and military leaders were worshiped and with the centralized regimens in the frigid steppes that assign block commissioners who monitor everything that happens with their neighbors and report to a central power. The very same that happened with some tropical governments that conquered power more than 100 years ago. All these, together, have been surpassed by this new apartheid system.

Today, these two worlds are different: first the “Net2Cash” were you pay as you go, keep walking around and consuming more. Water and air you have to consume, necessarily. And you have to pay for them. Information, entertainment, communication… you have to consume too! And you have to pay. On the other hand, the surviving network, the “Pico-Neural”, is free, but has limitations and problems: only exists in rural areas far from big cities and is allowed in small towns that are not of economic interest to central governments.

Those born in the year 2050 have no choice. If you are born in a big city then you are from the very first moment in the “Net2Cash” system. If you are born in the rural sector, as a any children hardened by poverty and hard circumstances, you will have to learn to cut firewood, purify your water, install your portable antennas for the “Pico- Neural ” network Internet , manage mobile nodes in the “Peer to Peer Network” and been non accountable for the mainstream society. Governments and megacarriers are fighting strongly against the isolated groups trying to stabilize networks the “Pico- Neural” in the large cities. There dissidents are segregated by gender, income level, race, beliefs, and his stubbornness to use unauthorized networks. To return them to the fold the governments and the mega carriers make special promotions for these groups: discounts, a full shopping package and equipment at discounted prices. The objective is to get them as part of the system and drown its disruptive behavior.

The Message

We are relaying this message to the year 2014. It is done thanks to the technology of spatial temporal transport. That was the year where “Net2Cash” was created and the old Internet were put in shackles and anchored in time. If you can do something to change the law of exclusion within the transport networks of information, known to you as the breakdown of net neutrality, please do it today. Whether you belong to the public or private sector, if you can envision and foresee what will happen, do something today. Otherwise your children and grandchildren will live with the new apartheid system that has been implemented throughout the world.

This is a message for the children of freedom, the descendants of Patrick Henry, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine… come together with the sons of Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.. all together with the heirs of Gandhi, San Martín, Bolivar and Tupac Amaru… with the support of every human being who wants to live in a free society… decide, once again, to throw out the English tea. Today. Tell the FCC and Tom Wheeler they shall not pass.

“I’ll send an SOS to the world ...
Seems I’m not alone ... at being alone
A hundred billion castaways
Looking for a home ...”
Message in a bottle. The Police, September 1979

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