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Cruz and Co Send ICANN Another Letter

Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz (and others) has sent yet another letter to ICANN. This time round, the letter is addressed both to the Chairman of the ICANN Board, Dr Steve Crocker, as well as to former CEO Fadi Chehadé.

The letter repeats some of the questions previously put to ICANN, though the wording is much blunter this time round.

Cruz’ office issued a press release with details of the letter under the title of “ICANN Is Stonewalling the U.S. Congress”.

It also expresses clear displeasure with ICANN’s delay in responding to the previous correspondence.

The letter, and any response from ICANN, should eventually appear on the ICANN correspondence page. The earlier exchanges are already viewable there.

Reading over this letter, it’s quite apparent that Cruz’ team are being briefed by people with a knowledge of ICANN and its operations. While ICANN may operate with a fairly high degree of transparency, being able to navigate the ICANN website well enough to even be able to locate the transcripts from the recent non-contracted party house meeting in LA is a skill in itself!

So how long before ICANN responds?

Will ICANN’s response pacify Cruz and Co?

It’ll be interesting to see how well this is handled—as the IANA transition plan is in the US government’s hands at the moment, the politics and optics need to be managed very carefully.

By Michele Neylon, MD of Blacknight Solutions

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