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Introduction to ACCELR/8 - Fast Lane to the IPv4 Market

Avenue4, leading IPv4 market advisory firm, introduces ACCELR/8, an IPv4 trading solution offering knowledge, experience and expertise to the small and mid-size block markets.

We believe that the same quality of service that the professionals at Avenue4 have delivered to large block market participants, should be made available to all buyers and sellers within the IPv4 trading market.

Technology enabled services are key to advancing the market. There are auction-style websites that allow small IPv4 block buyers and sellers to list their price and their block size but they all rely on inefficient opaque market mechanisms. ACCELR/8 changes all of that. The new Avenue4 trading platform allows buyers and sellers to trade IPv4 blocks from their desktops using the ACCELR/8 web app as well as from tablets and smartphones using our native mobile apps. Buyers and sellers are matched based on their self-selected buy and sell requirements, using an automated quote driven algorithm that provides immediate feedback on the order and suggestions for finding matching orders—all without a broker in the middle.

ACCELR/8’s coded workflow incorporates the full lifecycle of transactions, presenting step-by-step and online user guides based on documents honed from negotiations with the largest buyers and sellers, and using well-established escrow procedures to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers.

However, technology is only part of the ACCELR/8 solution. The experienced professionals at Avenue4 have sold millions of IPv4 addresses.

Below are some additional details about the ACCELR/8 platform.

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How does ACCELR/8 work? ACCELR/8 is an order-based trading platform. It allows buyers and sellers to: place orders based on block sizes and prices they define; find matching orders using an automated algorithm; structure and execute transactions based on industry-accepted terms and conditions; and navigate the transaction and regional Internet registry transfer approval process in a manner that protects the interests of both sellers and buyers, and employs security measures designed to facilitate safe and secure transactions all the way to closing.

How long does it take to close transactions? Finding a match for an order request may happen immediately or may take some time, depending on the block size and price in your order. The system searches automatically to find compatible buyers and sellers, and the inventory ebbs and flows based on market supply conditions. If there are no immediate matches but a match could be made with adjustments to the order’s price or block size, ACCELR/8 provides users guidance on how to make changes to find available matches. In most cases when the buyer and seller perform their obligations in a timely manner, transfer approval and closing should take no more than 30 days from the date a buyer and seller are matched.

What size address blocks can be traded? ACCELR/8 allows sellers and buyers to place orders for more than one block size simultaneously. The minimum block size supported by ACCELR/8 is a /20 (4,096 numbers). However, we encourage parties looking to buy or sell contiguous /14 blocks (262,144 numbers) or larger to contact Avenue4 directly for a professional consultation prior to signing up. Please note that we cannot guarantee that any particular block size will be available for purchase at any given time, and our inventory can change often.

Are blocks listed in ACCELR/8 “clean”? The integrity of the ACCELR/8 Trading Platform is of paramount importance. All IPv4 numbers are subject to Avenue4’s due diligence review before they can be listed for sale in the platform. We recognize that one-time due diligence may not be adequate, however, especially given the higher incidences of number hi-jacking. We therefore conduct periodic quality checks of all IPv4 numbers. We also give buyers the opportunity to conduct their own due diligence prior to making or accepting an offer by providing easy-to-access routing information and third-party IP reputation evaluations.

Learn how to get started at www.avenue4llc.com/accelr8

Currently, ACCELR/8 is available to sellers of IPv4 blocks that are registered with ARIN (which covers the U.S., Canada and parts of the Caribbean), and buyers located in the ARIN, Asia Pacific and European regions. Brokers who may be interested in the ACCELR/8 platform should contact Avenue4 directly for information about our partnering opportunities.

By Avenue4 LLC, Bringing innovative solutions to the IPv4 marketplace

Avenue4 helps its clients strategize and execute IPv4 transactions in an opaque and rapidly evolving market. We provide advice and solutions to manage, preserve and monetize IPv4 numbers as an asset. The professionals of Avenue4 have dedicated their reputation, knowledge, experience and resources to minimize risk and deliver value for our clients, and develop solutions for the market.

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