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CircleID’s Top 10 Posts of 2017

It is once again time for our annual review of posts that received the most attention on CircleID during the past year. Congratulations to all the 2017 participants for sharing their thoughts and making a difference in the industry. 2017 marked CircleID’s 15th year of operation as a medium dedicated to all critical matters related to the Internet infrastructure and services. We are in the midst of historic times, facing rapid technological developments and there is a lot to look forward to in 2018.

Top 10 Featured Blogs from the community in 2017:

#1Wolfgang KleinwächterInternet Governance Outlook 2017: Nationalistic Hierarchies vs. Multistakeholder Networks?
#2Ondrej JombíkSlovaks Worry About the Future of Their Country’s .SK TLD
#3Neil SchwartzmanSorry, Not Sorry: WHOIS Data Must Remain Public
#4John LevineThe Hack Back Bill in Congress is Better Than You’d Expect
#5Steven BellovinPreliminary Thoughts on the Equifax Hack
#6Wolfgang KleinwächterThe Darkening Web: Is there Light at the end of the Tunnel?
#7Anthony RutkowskiLegal Controls on Extreme End-to-End Encryption (ee2ee)
#8Martin UngerThe IoT Needs a Paradigm Shift from Security to Safety of Connected Devices
#9Niel Harper8 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Strategy and Business Operations are Inseparable
#10Michael J. OghiaShedding Light on How Much Energy the Internet and ICTs Consume

Top 10 News in 2017:

#1CircleID ReporterSecurity Researchers are Warning About a New IoT Botnet Storm Brewing
#2CircleID ReporterIBM Launches Quad9, a DNS-based Privacy and Security Service to Protect Users from Malicious Sites
#3CircleID ReporterDomain Registries to Discuss Possibility of ICANN Fee Cuts in Private Meeting This Month
#4CircleID ReporterNew Wave of Ransomware Spreading Rapidly Through Russia, Ukrain and Other Nations
#5CircleID ReporterEquifax Breach Blamed on Open-Source Software Flaw
#6CircleID ReporterEFF Resigns from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) over EME Decision
#7CircleID ReporterCyberattacks Against Abortion Clinics on the Rise
#8CircleID ReporterChina to Create National Cyberattack Database
#9CircleID ReporterEquifax Hacked, Nearly Half of US Population Affected
#10CircleID ReporterRussian Behind Massive LinkedIn, Dropbox Hack Subject of Extradition Fight Between US and Russia

Top 10 Industry News in 2017 (sponsored posts):

#1Internet Commerce AssociationThe Rise and Fall of the UDRP Theory of ‘Retroactive Bad Faith’
#2Internet Commerce AssociationWhy the Record Number of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking UDRP Filings in 2016?
#3Verisign2016 Year in Review: The Trending Keywords in .COM and .NET Domain Registrations
#4VerisignVerisign Releases Q4 2016 DDoS Trends Report: 167% Increase in Average Peak Attack from 2015 to 2016
#5RadixA Look at How the New .SPACE TLD Has Performed Over the Past 2 Years
#6VerisignGlobal Domain Name Registrations Reach 329.3 Million, 2.3 Million Growth in Last Quarter of 2016
#7RadixGoogle Buys Business.Site Domain for ‘Google My Business’
#8Afilias5 Afilias Top Level Domains Now Licensed for Sale in China
#9Internet Commerce AssociationUDRP: Better Late than Never - ICA Applauds WIPO for Removing Misguided ‘Retroactive Bad Faith’
#10RadixRadix Announces Largest New gTLD Sale with Casino.Online

By CircleID Reporter

CircleID’s internal staff reporting on news tips and developing stories. Do you have information the professional Internet community should be aware of? Contact us.

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