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5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Do Email Verification

Everything important in business needs to be adequately maintained for effective long-term operations. This includes relationships with customers, employees, and partners as well as IT systems and equipment. The same rings true for email recipient data that requires a tune-up every now and then—mostly to ensure that there is a “real” individual at the other end of the address.

You won’t be able to gain the benefits of a solid mailing list such as higher opening rates, better customer retention, phishing prevention, and superior ROI if you fail to care for it regularly. Actually, quite the opposite is likely to happen should your lists contain loads of fake and inactive email addresses—capable of hurting your deliverability statistics and ruining your reputation with email service providers.

This is where email verification as a service can come in handy. Let us explain.

What is Email Verification?

Email verification is the process wherein an email address is validated to check if it is still active without having to send it a message. Many users find this practice highly useful because it helps in reducing both the soft and hard bounce rates from email campaigns while protecting their outgoing mail server’s reputation.

An email verification service can be used to perform such validation in bulk to save time and manual efforts with API integration, enabling to analyze entire mailing lists automatedly so that fake signups and invalid details are prevented.

There are many reasons why businesses would want to get email validation nowadays. This can be because:

It Ensures the Authenticity of Your Recipients

An email verification API can guarantee that your emails are being delivered to active inboxes to avoid being penalized. Email campaigns take a lot of effort to accomplish, which is why it’s essential to make sure that your messages are reaching their intended recipients. By sending communications to verified audiences, you can greatly improve your inbox deliverability score, which is crucial to become a trusted sender.

It Highlights and Prevents Errors

In-form email verification allows website owners to highlight typographical errors to users during the signup stage. This can significantly lower the amount of wrong information being submitted by letting recipients know that there is something wrong with their details. Doing so not only makes the overall registration process better, but it also secures accurate user data for your mailing lists.

It Can Boost Email Engagement Rates and Revenue

After you have verified your email data, you can start getting rid of accounts that aren’t relevant to your goals. Even if you end up with a smaller mailing list, you’ll still have better engagement rates overall.

Constantly delivering emails to the proper addresses can improve the open and click-through statistics for your campaigns. What’s more, you can use email verification to banish email addresses and providers abusing your freemium plans—that way protecting your revenues and avoiding spending server resources on non-converting end users.

It Lets You Recognize Disposable Email Accounts

Those in the B2B marketing space may be familiar with disposable email address providers. These are companies that basically let users send and receive messages using temporary email addresses without a permanent mailbox. With an email validation solution, you can immediately recognize which mail servers are using this type of configuration.

* * *

These are more than just a few of the reasons why you’d want to get an email verification service for your business today. For example, making sure that your mailing lists are checked and validated regularly can help protect your email deliverability score and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Are you planning to get started with email verification? If so, you can learn more about the common email verification terms here.

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