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Businesses Angry with ICANN’s New gTLD Structure, Says CADNA

In a conference hosted by the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) on Tuesday, discussions were held concerning ICANN’s upcoming new gTLD Program. CADNA President Josh Bourne said: “ICANN has an image problem. Businesses are outright angry with ICANN because of the way that this program has been structured. We are not trying to derail the rollout of new gTLDs altogether, but rather, we are proposing an opportunity for ICANN to make this Program much less detrimental to brands and businesses. By setting a date for when it will open a second application window, ICANN has the chance to alleviate a great deal of the anxiety and frustration that businesses are feeling over the fact that they feel forced into applying for new gTLDs in early 2012 in order to not be left behind. Right now, businesses feel like their backs are against the wall, and they don’t like it.”

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This was a TLD / ICANN bashing conference, to be fair, so there's little surprise in this outcome Jothan Frakes  –  Nov 3, 2011 10:58 PM

Looking at the structure of the event, and the very respected panelist composition entirely being vocal critics of ICANN and the new TLD program, this is not an unexpected press release.

Here are some other notes from the conference organizer that was not allowing any service providers or proponents of the new TLDs so that someone could hear pros and cons from proponents and opponents : Read further….

This press release is akin to “people get wet at swimming pool”.

ICANN was invited Kevin Murphy  –  Nov 3, 2011 11:44 PM

According to the organizers, ICANN was invited but declined to attend. I listened to most of the conference (the stream was cut off mid-way -- they could learn a thing or two from ICANN when it comes to remote participation) and I didn't hear much that I haven't also heard at new gTLD conferences and ICANN meetings. If it's not the case that brands are thinking about applying largely out of a fear that a second round may take years or never happen, why are registry service providers offering "placeholder" application/registry services? The idea that a second round date may make round one less of a crazy mess does not seem particularly controversial to me.

Jothan/Kevin,CADNA and the organizers hand-selected the participants. Constantine Roussos  –  Nov 4, 2011 11:58 PM


CADNA and the organizers hand-selected the participants. The keynote Esther Dyson and sponsoring organization CADNA both are renowned critics of the ICANN new TLD program. There was no balance of views. None of the applicants were even invited to participate, whether it was .HOTEL, .MUSIC etc. What you got was more legal talk and an imbalance of opinion with hidden bias. I called Judy Shapiro out in her article: http://adage.com/article/digitalnext/top-level-domains-bring-opportunity-headaches-marketers/230638/#comments-93954 on this topic of balance of opinion.

How about Gary Elliot’s ANA article on Adage at http://adage.com/article/cmo-strategy/icann-s-promises-simply-speculation-outright-fantasy/229594/#comments-91800? At least Judy Shapiro responded to comments. ANA’s concept of marketing and social media is not aligned with today’s internet culture. Two-way communication is vital, but some choose not to participate in dialogue with stakeholders.

Many applicants are businesses. So making generic accusations that all “businesses” are angry with ICANN is self-serving and a fallacy, especially since many brands will go after their own TLDs and ICANN is not forcing them to participate. The bottom line is why have a .TRAVEL, .JOBS and a .AERO and not have a .HOTEL or .MUSIC? ICANN is just fulfilling its role and the change is inevitable and expected.

Constantine Roussos

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