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Sheel is Project Director of the Applicant Auction for Innovative Auctions Limited, a private company settling contested gTLD’s. His background is in management consulting, having served as a consultant to a variety of clients, both at the Boston Consulting Group and as an independent consultant.

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Applicant Auction Announces Suggested Schedule for 8 Future Private gTLD Auctions

The Applicant Auction team is getting an increasing number of requests from applicants who are scheduled for ICANN's Last Resort auction and would prefer to participate in the Applicant Auction instead. A common question is: What is my last chance to participate in an Applicant Auction? To be able to give a clear answer for this, we are suggesting a schedule for future Applicant Auctions. more

Fifth Applicant Auction Concluded, 28 Contention Sets Resolved

After the successful conclusion of our fifth auction last week, the Applicant Auction has now resolved contention for a total of 28 strings. More than 20 gTLD applicants have participated in our auctions, ranging from many smaller companies with only one gTLD application in contention to large, publicly traded portfolio applicants like TLDH and Demand Media. more

Exploring the Various Options of Private gTLD Auctions

Now that ICANN's Last Resort Auctions are becoming an imminent reality, more and more applicants with gTLDs in contention are coming to the conclusion that they would be better off in a private auction. As a result, there is a renewed discussion of the various approaches that have been proposed. Interesting new suggestions have also been made within the gTLD applicant community. more

Contention for Three More gTLDs Resolved in Fourth Applicant Auction

The Fourth Applicant Auction has concluded, resolving contention for three more strings. Donuts Inc. came away from the auction as the winner of all three strings: .LIFE, .CHURCH, and .LOANS. Life Covenant Church, Inc. will be compensated for withdrawing their application for .CHURCH, and Radix will be compensated for their withdrawal from .LOANS, while Xiamen Technology Co.,Ltd and CompassRose will be compensated for their withdrawal from .LIFE. more

Applicant Auction Set for Dec. 11th, Buenos Aires Workshops, Icann Last Resort Information Released

The Applicant Auction team is heading to ICANN 48 in Buenos Aires this month, and as we start to pack our bags, we thought it was time to share some updates with the community. Last week, ICANN held a webinar to present Auction Rules for its forthcoming Last Resort Auctions. more

Radix Wins 3-way Applicant Auction for .website, Donuts wins .lawyer, .fish, .discount

As of today, Innovative Auctions has successfully completed private auctions for a total of 18 contested generic Top-Level Domains, resolving contention for more gTLDs than all other mechanisms combined -- including straight-up withdrawals, private negotiations, and swaps. Here is this week's update. more

DotGreen Debrief: How the Applicant Auction Helps Mission-Driven Applicants

DotGreen announced on Friday that it has withdrawn its application for .green from ICANN's new gTLD program. We were surprised to hear the news, particularly after all of the effort that DotGreen has put into building a community and a movement around its application. While we at Innovative Auctions agree with Annalisa that the ICANN Last Resort auction would have been a poor choice for the DotGreen Community, we believe that the Applicant Auction is a great tool for single-string applicants who want to see their TLD used for a community purpose. more

8 Domains, $9.65M: Second Applicant Auction a Success

We at Innovative Auctions were happy to see the successful completion of the second Applicant Auction earlier today. Winners will pay a total of $9,651,000 to resolve contention for eight new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). The winners for the eight contention sets included in this week's auction were... more

What’s Happening With Aug. 13 Applicant Auction to Resolve gTLD Contention?

The second Applicant Auction is coming up on August 13, and after a great round of workshops at the ICANN Conference in Durban, we've started to finalize all of the details. Any applicants who haven't indicated their intention to participate can still do so! more

Over 100 gTLD Applications Committed in Aug. 13 Applicant Auction

In early June, the first Applicant Auction resolved contention for 6 contested gTLDs. The successful outcome of that auction has generated a great deal of interest from other applicants, and Innovative Auctions is expecting a big turnout in our next auction, to be held on August 13th. For more than half of the contested applications, at least one applicant is ready to resolve contention via our auction. more

First gTLD Auction Settled; Next Auction Will Be on August 13th

We're pleased to announce that the first Applicant Auction has come to a successful finish! As of this morning, the winners are now the only remaining applicants for the six contested strings... The winning prices totalled $9.01 million, which we have distributed to the other applicants after confirming that their ICANN applications have been withdrawn. more

First Private Auction for New Generic Top Level Domains Completed: 6 gTLDs Valued at Over $9 Million

On behalf of Innovative Auctions, I am very happy to announce that we've successfully completed the first private auction for generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). Our auction resolved contention for 6 gTLDs: .club, .college, .luxury, .photography, .red, and .vote. Auction winners will pay a total of $9.01 million. All other participants will be paid from these funds in exchange for withdrawing their application. more

Announcing the Final Terms of the First Applicant Auction for Contested gTLDs

We received several emails and phone calls with thoughtful comments on the proposed plan for the first Applicant Auction and have made several small changes to the plan. The final terms will be sent to applicants who requested the RFC, and can also be requested on our website. Here is a quick summary of the changes. more

gTLD Contention Auction in May: Request for Comments

Many gTLD applicants with strings in contention have already heard about the Applicant Auction, a voluntary private auction for resolving string contention that my colleagues and I are organizing. In this post we'd like to share some updates on our progress. Most importantly, we realized that more than just an escrow agent is needed for the success of a private auction of this scale, and we have partnered with Morrison & Foerster, LLP, a global law firm, who will be acting as the neutral party for our auctions. more

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