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Live Streaming Apps: Piracy Trends Are-A-Changing

Until recently, digital pirates have used both P2P sites and cyberlockers to upload and share pirated content. But as Internet connection speeds have increased, the piracy landscape has changed, and the appearance of streaming content has proliferated. In fact, 38% of online sporting fans are watching live streaming of their favorite events.

However, the recent introduction of live streaming apps is further compounding issues surrounding online piracy, as they are quickly gaining popularity with one of these apps hitting a million users in its first ten days of availability. Although these apps have only existed for a few months, they are already making headlines as major live events are being recorded and streamed, wreaking havoc for broadcasters and rights holders alike.

So what should broadcasters and rights holders do?

• Educate consumers and those attending your events about how capturing and broadcasting live streams is illegal and in violation of copyright law.

• Create policies for your live events that prevent use of technologies that could potentially create pirated content.

• Be vigilant and take down all illegal live streams.

Given the accessibility of this new breed of apps, the potential for a dramatic increase in piracy seems likely and companies that are committed to protecting their content should be prepared to take action now.

By Elisa Cooper, Head of Marketing, GoDaddy Corporate Domains

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Are there any applicable lessons from Napster Alex Tajirian  –  May 7, 2015 4:33 PM

Are there any applicable lessons from Napster and iTunes?

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