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Case Study: Email Service Provider GetResponse Scales with PowerMTA

With expansion on the horizon, email marketing company gets more out of its hardware to meet growing demand.

GetResponse declares itself “the world’s easiest email marketing provider.” The company helps 350,000 customers in 182 countries and delivers as many as 100M email messages per day, sustaining send rates of 4.2 million messages per hour, and has approached 1.5 billion messages per month. Customers include small, medium and enterprise B2B and B2C businesses located primarily in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia. The company has recently experienced a growth surge in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Messaging Infrastructure Challenge

For a decade, GetResponse used IronPort for its mail servers before selecting PowerMTA™ from Port25 Solutions. IronPort, acquired by Cisco in 2007, has limited command line batch capabilities. The GetResponse IT people love command-line-driven Linux, which made it a challenge to integrate IronPort’s technology with the GetResponse platform. GetResponse selected PowerMTA because its powerful command-line features made integration simple. PowerMTA made it easy to configure and deploy multiple sending environments via text files, while optimizing delivery streams using message headers to significantly reduce the amount of outbound connections needed. Further, GetResponse didn’t require investments in more stout hardware.

The Solution

PowerMTA quickly overcame the limitations of the IronPort solution and opened up new opportunities for optimized mail management. “We are doing more with the same hardware by virtue of the PowerMTA approach to best practices,” said Simon Grabowski, CEO “At the current growth rate, the software will pay for itself in less than three years.”

GetResponse developers love the dynamic configuration options. “PowerMTA creates a new efficiency, with rather awesome options to filter messages, send messages via multiple channels, control the number of outbound messages per ISP and ‘warm up’ IPs by sending sample mail-outs,” said, Irek Rybinski, Deliverability Manager for GetResponse.

GetResponse is able to manage rapid growth with fine-grained PowerMTA™ features such as VirtualMTA technology and the option to define or label traffic for individual ISPs. Rybinski added, “PowerMTA can queue large volumes of email data, and these days we’re sending 100 million emails on a busy day.”

GetResponse CEO, Simon Grabowski, says PowerMTA’s features remove barriers that prevented the company from offering customers a high level of service without growing pains. “Admittedly, we let the IronPort maintence contract drop several years ago,” Grabowski said. “However, PowerMTA breathes new life into our infrastructure, which means we can handle more traffic with fewer devices.”

GetResponse aspires to be the best-in-class platform for email marketing, landing page optimization and marketing automation. With rock-steady support and a great track record from PowerMTA, GetResponse is on track to become an all-in-one tool for marketers worldwide to promote their products and services online.

By Port25, A Message Systems Company

Port25, A Message Systems Company, provides highly focused email delivery software that addresses the ever-expanding needs of client communications and digital messaging apps. Port25’s flagship product, PowerMTA™, has a global footprint, with over 4,000 installations in more than 51 countries.

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