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The Christmas Goat and IPv6 (Year 6)

When I last year failed to take a picture of the Christmas goat before it was taken down, I decided this year to take a pic every minute, just to be on the safe side. A shortened movie based on these pics of the 2015 Christmas Goat can be found on YouTube.

The clip on YouTube also shows that in the early morning of December the 27th the goat was set on fire and burned down in minutes. The perpetrator was caught quickly by the police. Swedish article can be found here.

The traffic on the webcam was however measured over a period of almost 30 days. In summary it shows a little bit higher utilization of IPv6 than last year. For 2015 it ends up at 14% native IPv6. The measurement unfortunately shows very little action from Sweden.

Percentage native IPv6 traffic per year to the Christmas Goat webcam from previous measurements:

2010 – 0.1%
2011 – 1 %
2012 – 1.4 %
2013 – 3.4 %
2014 – 11.1 % (!!!)

2015 – 14 %

In Sweden we have more than doubled the IPv6 usage, in comparison to the result from last year, from 1.25 % to 2.62%. Figures are still very, very low and nothing at all to be proud of.

One of the largest IPv6 tunnel-providers (www.sixxs.net) has done an announcement, “Call your ISP for IPv6!”, where they for a period of two months don’t accept any tunnel-requests. They have stated that they will repeat this action during 2016 in order to boost the nag on our ISPs for IPv6 and a real Internet-connection. I salute SIXXS for this action!

The US is still the country where most IPv6 is originating from, with Belgium as a new runner up. Belgium has today more than 42% IPv6 according to Google.

I have written two blog-posts on my site https://dnssecandipv6.se: The posts, “Hunt for IPv6” and “What has happened with IPv6 in Sweden 2015”, is written in Swedish with available Google Translate. I have in these posts pin pointed some of the problems we have with the ISPs in Sweden and the home-router vendors.

Finally I would humbly urge you to, for a good cause, test your Internet connection on: https://ipv6forrefugees.se

Have a happy and good IPv6 year in 2016!

By Torbjörn Eklöv, Senior Network Architect, DNSSEC/IPv6

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Any idea what portion of that IPv6 was search engine 'bots? Karl Auerbach  –  Dec 31, 2015 10:51 PM

Do you have any breakdown on the sources of that IPv6 traffic, in particular how much was from webbots from search engines and how much was from end users?  Or how much is from mobile devices versus more desktop-ish devices?

No, I only use cat sed and Torbjörn Eklöv  –  Dec 31, 2015 11:14 PM

No, I only use cat sed and grep

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