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Radix’s Startup League Supports 40+ Startups at Web Summit 2018

Radix, one of the world’s largest portfolio registries, announced that its community for startups, the Startup League, supported 40+ startups on Radix TLDs at Web Summit 2018. Known to be one of the world’s largest tech conferences, Web Summit was held in Lisbon from 5th-8th November 2018. This was the third consecutive time that the Startup League was at Web Summit with startups on Radix TLDs.

Overall, 2000+ startups exhibited at Web Summit of which the Startup League supported a total of 40+ startups. A total of 70,000+ attendees from 100+ countries were present at Web Summit this year.
Some of the startups that were able to make it to Web Summit through the Startup League include:

Speaking about the event, Lenold Vaz, Program Head, Startup League, said, “We are thrilled and proud to have supported so many innovative startups at Web Summit. We believe that high-potential startups deserve a powerful go-to-market strategy and Web Summit is the perfect platform for startups on our TLDs to showcase their product to the most evolved tech audience in the world.”

Lenold Vaz (right) and Tanisha Gupta (center) from the Startup League with the startup founders

Along with the booth sponsorship, the Startup League also provided booth goodies such as stickers, badges, stationery as well as t-shirts branded with respective startups’ logos for greater booth engagement and visibility for each startup. They also amplified the promotions for these startups through online marketing, content marketing and social media hype.

Last year, the Startup League had sponsored 50+ startups to exhibit at Web Summit. “We have been supporting startups at Web Summit since 2016. The incremental impact that we are able to create for these startups is encouraging and we are looking forward to an even bigger show next year. This is an exciting time for new domains as more and more startups are embracing new domains to reflect their commitment to innovation and focus on futuristic trends.”, added Lenold Vaz.

Some of the startups supported by the Startup League previously at Web Summit include sensei.tech (2017), which later got selected for TechStars Metro Retail Program, Berlin; Watr.tech (2016, 2017), which became a finalist at Web Summit’s PITCH event; Nu-rise.tech (2016), which became a semi-finalist at Web Summit’s PITCH event; and YouClap.tech (2017), which received a €100K funding.

The Startup League’s efforts are spread across the globe since they have supported startups at Web Summit (Portugal), TNW (Amsterdam), Collision (USA), TechCrunch Disrupt (USA), TechSparks (India), RISE (Hong Kong), among many others.

By Radix, Domain Names for the New Internet

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