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Showing our Ethos with .ORG

I recently stepped into a new role as Chief Purpose Officer of Ethos Capital, a specialized investment firm focused on helping companies drive growth and transformation through technology. In doing so, we are committed to operating ethically, responsibly, and in the best interests of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors and the broader community. My responsibilities include overseeing the development and execution of social impact and ethics initiatives for Ethos and the companies in which we invest. I’m thrilled by the opportunity to combine my digital expertise and background in corporate responsibility.

I am fascinated by the challenges organizations face as they navigate the balance between the typical metrics of success, such as financial growth and profitability, with socially responsible initiatives—which many (myself, included) argue are equally as important. As we read in the news every day, this balance is very much top of mind for technology companies, their consumers and other stakeholders, including government leaders. I recognize that in today’s society, you don’t often hear the terms “public good” and “profit” together. But isn’t there a way for companies to honor their own financial interests as well the broader interests of the public?

I strongly believe that doing “well” and doing “good” are not mutually exclusive—which is why I am so passionate about Ethos’ mission. Ethos is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding values and ideals that characterize a person, group or institution. At Ethos, we started with a set of core values firmly in mind, including building authentic relationships, honoring commitments, and operating with intellectual honesty, humility and respect.

Obviously, words are easier to say or write than actions are to take. As Ethos’ Chief Purpose Officer, I’m dedicated to proving that our values are reflected in our day-to-day operations and are deeply woven into the decisions we make, how and where we invest, and the way we do business as a whole.

A great example is when Ethos recently agreed to acquire Public Interest Registry (“PIR”) from the Internet Society. We will use this opportunity to demonstrate fully Ethos’ values, and this includes enabling PIR and the .ORG community as a whole to grow and prosper. As part of our investment in and commitment to PIR, we also announced plans to develop a Stewardship Council that will provide PIR’s leadership and governance board with strategic direction and advice, and support to the .ORG community as a whole through a variety of programs and exciting initiatives.

Our acquisition has raised some logical questions from the .ORG community—and even a little controversy!—and that is fair. We have answered those questions here. PIR and .ORG are important stewards of the internet ecosystem, and we look forward to supporting and enhancing that essential role in the years ahead. As I said earlier, actions are more important than words, or good intentions. The Ethos team and I look forward to transforming our values into action as we move forward to support PIR’s mission and the goals of the .ORG Community.

In my new role, I am excited to encourage meaningful dialogue on future trends and technological issues impacting an increasingly globally connected world, while helping Ethos and its investments grow and expand. As others within the industry begin taking significant steps towards greater social responsibility, I believe our combined efforts can inspire even more organizations to take similar action.

By Nora Abusitta-Ouri, Chief Purpose Officer at Ethos Capital

Nora Abusitta-Ouri is the Chief Purpose Officer at Ethos Capital, where she oversees the development and execution of social impact and ethics initiatives for the firm and the companies in which it invests. She also serves as the Executive Director of the Digital Ethos Foundation, a global nonprofit committed to fostering a trustworthy, just and peaceful digital world.

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