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IPXO Launches Fully Automated Platform for IPv4 Address Leasing and Monetization

IPXO platform will enable businesses to securely generate revenue from unused Internet Protocol (IPv4) addresses, level the playing field for businesses with a shortage

IPXO, an all-in-one IP address marketplace, has launched a new IP address management platform, which will enable companies to easily lease unused IP resources to businesses in need. Consequently, by enabling “sleeping” IP assets to reenter the market, the platform will help alleviate the global IPv4 shortage problem, as well as present an opportunity to build new tools that would help unify the fragmented internet industry.

Since 2019, the pool of IPv4 resources has been completely exhausted. The massive digitization, further exacerbated by the pandemic, has placed even more pressure on the already strained market, leading prices of the IPv4 address transfers to continue trending upward without a clear tipping point in sight. This posed a need for an alternative market, which, according to Vincentas Grinius, CEO at IPXO, was one of the key factors driving the launch of the new IPXO platform.

“Having identified a gap in the industry, we wanted to present the network community with a reliable solution for SMEs and larger enterprises alike,” said Grinius. “IPXO is working to enable IP monetization while connecting all Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), in turn providing more transparency and accountability in the industry.”

“Also, previously, IP monetization required a lot of human resources. Thus one of the key points of focus while developing the platform was minimizing the effort needed from the IP lessors and IP lessees when listing and accessing the IPv4 resources.”

Increasing market accessibility

One of the major problems that IP resource businesses continue to face is poor market accessibility. IPXO’s platform will address the issue by enabling businesses across the globe to interact, exchange resources and seek solutions to their IP needs in real-time.

“The platform will effectively solve market accessibility problems that the industry has grappled with for decades. This will go a long way to help startups and brick and mortar firms that are looking to digitize their operations, to gain easy access to IP resources at a relatively low cost,” Vincentas added. “Looking from a wider perspective, it will help bridge the global economy with the digital world more tightly.”

The innovative solution has already received positive feedback from some of its partners that had the opportunity to try out the platform during Beta-testing. “We have been using IPXO’s solutions to obtain IP addresses quickly, in as little as a couple of minutes. This is invaluable, especially when, at times, we need to promptly change the IP addresses. Also, customer service is diligent and efficient when it comes to providing fast and clear solutions,” shared Pablo Hoffmann, Director and Founder of Zyte.

Having secured partnerships and long-term cooperation with many large enterprises, major ISPs, and RIR’s, IPXO has ambitious goals for the future. One of them—to create the first Commercial RIR: a unified framework of existing RIRs adherent to their policy and compliance standards.

“There are still many gaps in the industry,” Grinius noted. “That’s why the ecosystem we are building is just the beginning of the roadmap we have for IPXO, as we aim to continue developing business-driven solutions that would help fill in the blanks,” he concluded.

By IPXO, IP Monetization and Lease Platform

IPXO, formerly known as Heficed’s IP Address Market, is an IP resource management platform, which enables monetization of unused IP addresses via lease.

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