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Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.GLOBAL Awarded a Competitively Solicited Contract with E&I Cooperative Services for IPv4 Address Sales and Acquisition

New Agreement makes IPv4.GLOBAL’s auctions, private sales and leasing services available to E&I members in higher education, K-12, and healthcare teaching institutions across the U.S.

Hilco Streambank’s IPv4.GLOBAL, the world’s most experienced internet protocol address broker, today announced that it has been awarded a competitively solicited contract by E&I Cooperative Services (E&I) to provide its members with these often-overlooked educational assets. Premium services - at discounted costs - are available to E&I’s more than 5,500 member institutions across the U.S. The contract is effective immediately, runs through January 31, 2027, and includes a renewal option.

Through this contract, IPv4.GLOBAL provides E&I members with assistance in the private sale or public auction of IP addresses on its web platform. IPv4.GLOBAL will also help the seller of addresses transfer them to the buyer. Escrow services for these transfers will be supplied at no additional charge.

“We’re very happy to be awarded the E&I contract to help serve their members,” said Gabe Fried, CEO of Hilco Streambank and IPv4.GLOBAL. “Hilco Streambank and IPv4.GLOBAL are thrilled to have a cooperative contract vehicle to support the work we’ve done for educational institutions and the services we provide. We look forward to helping these institutions raise much-needed cash through the sale of their surplus IPv4 addresses.”

According to Keith Fowlkes, Vice President, Technology at E&I, E&I members will benefit significantly from finding new revenue through sales of their unused IPv4 address blocks. “Opportunities for revenue generation on campus are increasingly important given the current financial climate. We’re excited about the addition of this new competitively solicited agreement to our technology contract portfolio. Our members now have easy access to their full range of services at discounted contract rates.”

About Hilco Streambank

Hilco Streambank provides intellectual property services and expertise at the intersection of intangible assets and corporate finance—identifying, preserving, and extracting value for clients. The firm combines an understanding of how to run a successful disposition project with an extensive network of technical professionals providing research, packaging, and marketing expertise to support the sales process. Hilco Streambank’s appraisal process provides lenders with an accurate recovery estimate under a variety of disposition scenarios. For more information, please visit www.hilcostreambank.com.


IPv4.Global is a division of Hilco Streambank. As trusted marketplace leaders, the company is dedicated to reliable transparent service. It facilitates the purchase and sale of IP blocks, regardless of the size, and have completed more transfers than anyone else in the world. IPv4.GLOBAL’s multi-tiered services facilitate transactions of varying IPv4 block sizes, ranging from smaller transactions through our online platform to large private transactions through our brokerage business. For more information, please visit www.IPv4.Global.

About E&I Cooperative Services

E&I Cooperative Services (E&I) is the only member-owned, non-profit procurement cooperative exclusively focused on serving education. E&I delivers unsurpassed value and an exceptional experience to its members through a broad portfolio of competitively solicited contracts with industry-leading suppliers as well as innovative sourcing solutions. The Cooperative empowers its members to make informed, analytics-driven decisions to capture more spend and optimize their education dollars. For more information, please visit www.eandi.org.

For More Information

Contact the E&I Team at (703) 673-3518 / [email protected] or Peter W Tobey, IPv4.GLOBAL at (703) 673-3518 / [email protected].

By IPv4.Global, Premier IPv4 Broker and Online Marketplace

IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank helps companies with IPv4 addresses to sell, find companies who need to buy IPv4 addresses. Our business is founded on the belief that the transaction that yields mutual satisfaction is worth pursuing. We customize solutions that work for both buyers and sellers and help evaluate options for acquiring the IP addresses you need, given your Regional Internet Registry requirements.

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