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IPv4 Leasing Price: IPXO Introduces the Industry’s First Statistics Hub

Responding to the market’s demand to understand the commercials of the IP leasing market better, IPXO has launched its Statistics Hub, unveiling the latest details and trends as they appear on the IPXO Marketplace.

IPXO, the world’s leading IP monetization and leasing platform, is home to more than 2 million IPv4 addresses that have been made available by their holders for lease.

With 80% IP utilization rate, the IPXO Marketplace generates a unique set of insights previously unavailable elsewhere.

The IPXO Statistics Hub greets with a Summary that provides a quick glance at how the IPXO Marketplace has grown throughout the past month. This section reveals the number of new IP lessors who have joined the platform, the number of new leases for the month, the average IPv4 deal price as well as the current utilization rate.

Aside from the ability to understand the market potential of IP leasing, the core value of the IPXO Statistics Hub is the overview of the global IPv4 lease prices, which has become available for the market for the first time.

The data, which can be filtered by year, timeframe, Regional Internet Registry (RIR) or subnet mask, presents the values of real-life IP leasing deals and makes it easier for IP holders to calculate the value of monetizing their resources.

Dive deeper into the latest insights from IPXO here.

By IPXO, IP Monetization and Lease Platform

IPXO, formerly known as Heficed’s IP Address Market, is an IP resource management platform, which enables monetization of unused IP addresses via lease.

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