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RIPE NCC Suspends IPv4 Waiting List Applications

The RIPE NCC has closed its IPv4 Waitlist to new applications. Existing applications are not affected by this change.

The RIPE NCC’s board made this change because members will choose a new charging model in late May 2023. They worry that if  members choose a tiered charging model, there could be a rush of new applications.

They intend to open the IPv4 Waitlist to new applications after the vote. They will discuss an analysis of the options with the community.

1,107 LIRs are on the IPv4 Waitlist. This is 100 more than in October 2022. The LIR at the front of the queue has been waiting for 372 days. The RIPE NCC has previously reported that it expects waiting times to reach two years, soon.

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