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IPv4.Global Announces Participation at EDUCAUSE 2023

Latest tool from IPv4.Global helps educational institutions find IPv4 address assets worth potentially millions of dollars.

IPv4.Global, the world’s largest, most-trusted and transparent IPv4 marketplace, today announced its planned activity to demonstrate its higher education leadership at EDUCAUSE 2023. EDUCAUSE is committed to advancing higher education through the use of information technology.

Introducing the New Valuation Tool for Universities

IPv4.Global, the industry benchmark for IPv4 transactions and transfers, has raised the bar with the launch of an industry-first valuation tool for the higher education industry. Find Your IP allows universities and colleges to fully discover the addresses they own. With just one click on an interactive map, users can click a state and see a listing of schools with IPv4 holdings. If a school has IPv4 addresses, users can request a free inventory of the addresses and receive an estimate of their market value.

Highlighting the Hidden Assets of Educational Institutions

“Universities, colleges and K-12 schools have an abundance of assets they likely don’t know about,” said Lee Howard, Senior Vice President of IPv4.Global. “Understanding what IPv4 assets they may have available is only half the battle. Transparency in pricing and estimated IPv4 values enables university and college leadership to better understand their access to potential capital and opportunities to leverage the sale of these hidden assets to advance their strategic priorities.”

Find Your IP’s Debut at EDUCAUSE: Launching at EDUCAUSE, Find Your IP will be accessible on IPv4.Global’s website at https://ipv4.global/discover/find-your-ip.

Special Offer for EDUCAUSE Attendees

IPv4.Global also invites EDUCAUSE attendees to stop by their booth [#225] to receive a free, real-time inventory and market valuation for their institution’s IPv4 address holdings. Visitors will receive a detailed valuation of their school’s IPv4 addresses and what they are worth on the market today.

IPv4.Global’s Strong Financial Backing and Recent Collaborations

IPv4.Global is the only IPv4 marketplace backed by a large financial organization, which translates into financial flexibility for its buyers and sellers. Recent higher education clients include Hartwick College and Lewis & Clark.

Successful Transactions: A Case Study with Hartwick College

IPv4.Global approached Hartwick College with a suggestion to sell its unused addresses valued at more than $3 million. The school’s administration had several concerns—and challenges—in order to take advantage of this opportunity. IPv4.Global provided resources to advance the transaction, allowing Hartwick to complete the sale and utilize the funds raised.

Testimonial from Hartwick College

“Like many universities and colleges that were assigned large blocks of IPv4 years ago, we knew that we had an abundance of unused addresses. However, we did not realize just how valuable those addresses were,” said Pete Mizera of Hartwick College. “IPv4 Global brought the value of those addresses to our attention and helped us with the sale of them. Overall, working with the knowledgeable and professional folks at IPv4 Global was a terrific experience as well as a very nice windfall for the college.”

Webinar Announcement: Monetizing IPv4 Addresses

IPv4.Global is dedicated to reliable, transparent service with upfront pricing to ensure no surprises. To further aid industry transparency, IPv4.Global is hosting a webinar leading into EDUCAUSE with both Hartwick and Lewis & Clark participating. The topic: What It Takes to Sell Your IPv4 Addresses. The webinar will take place at noon ET on Wednesday, Oct. 4, and will provide tips and best practices for higher education institutions for monetizing IPv4 addresses. Interested participants can access the webinar here.

A Final Word from IPv4.Global Leadership

“As the largest and most trusted IPv4 marketplace in the world, we are proud to offer multiple solutions designed for IPv4 buyers and sellers within the higher education community of every type and size,” added Howard. “We’ve made demonstrable progress in the space and look forward to working with additional universities and colleges to leverage their hidden assets.”

EDUCAUSE takes place in Chicago October 9-12.

By IPv4.Global, Premier IPv4 Broker and Online Marketplace

IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank helps companies with IPv4 addresses to sell, find companies who need to buy IPv4 addresses. Our business is founded on the belief that the transaction that yields mutual satisfaction is worth pursuing. We customize solutions that work for both buyers and sellers and help evaluate options for acquiring the IP addresses you need, given your Regional Internet Registry requirements.

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