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Examining Actual State of IPv6 Deployment

There have been quite a number of recent articles about various IPv6 issues. Thus the question: how far along is the actual IPv6 deployment? This is a quick-and-dirty survey that focuses mainly on the content provider side.

What domains were surveyed?

Alexa offers country depended TopSites listings. Domains listed are frequently visited by users from that country, not necessarily hosted there. The data collection is heavily biased towards sites that host files referenced from many different places (e.g. advertisement and social networks). The data collection is chiefly based on optional browser plugins and is as such frequently corrupted (e.g. for Germany mail.ru is listed ahead of rtl.de, msn.de and aol.de).

How was IPv6 deployment surveyed?

For each domain the domain name server was asked for IPv4(A) and IPv6(AAAA) records for the domain, www.domain, it’s mail exchanges and it’s name servers. If an IPv6 record was returned deployment was assumed. There was no check if the advised IPv6 actually provided the service.


(table below, more detailed information on request)

• Up to 16% (New Caledonia and Vietnam) had misconfigured MX records and up to 4% (Macao) had misconfigured NS records.

• two domains Thailand(saonoi.com, tvxq-thailand.com) and one domain in China(duowan.com), Poland(darkwarez.pl) as well as Portugal(artecorporal.org) provided only IPv6 records for mail exchange servers

• three domains in Thailand(kapook.com, saonoi.com, tvxq-thailand.com) and one in Poland(darkwarez.pl) as well as Portugal(artecorporal.org) only provided IPv6 records for domain name servers

• in general the IPv6 deployment for HTTP servers is far better than for SMTP and NS

• These are definitely not the geographic results I would have expected based on various IPv6 articles. Especially not the poor IPv6 deployment by content providers in Japan. The regional differences between China and Taiwan as well as Israel, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are very interesting.

HTTP (IPv6 deployed %)   SMTP (%) DNS (%)
62Bahrain 9,5Indonesia 17,0Lithuania
62Saudi Arabia 7,9Thailand 14,0Ireland
61Libya 7,1Vietnam 11,0Denmark
61Oman 6,6South Korea 10,0Indonesia
60Sudan 6,5China 10,0USA
59Palestinian 6,5Cyprus 9,0Canada
57Yemen 6,4Pakistan 9,0Trinidad and Tobago
56Qatar 6,4Reunion 8,0Ecuador
56Syrian 6,2Azerbaijan 8,0UK
55UAE 5,7Macao 8,0Greece
55Kuwait 5,6Taiwan 8,0Australia
54India 5,4Belgium 8,0Malta
54Iran 5,3Czech Republic 8,0Mexico
53China 5,3Portugal 8,0Sweden
53Spain 5,3Singapore 8,0Thailand
53Iceland 5,3Greece 8,0Barbados
53Jordan 5,2Germany 8,0South Africa
53Macedonia 5,2Ecuador 7,1Cuba
53New Caledonia 5,2Hong Kong 7,1Panama
51Egypt 5,2Georgia 7,1Puerto Rico
50Cuba 5,2Guatemala 7,0Guatemala
49Canada 5,2Israel 7,0Honduras
49USA 5,2Slovakia 7,0Jamaica
49Barbados 4,8New Caledonia 7,0Singapore
48France 4,4Brazil 7,0Uruguay
48Greece 4,3Morocco 6,3China
48Honduras 4,3Sweden 6,1Tunisia
48Pakistan 4,3Jamaica 6,1Venezuela
48El Salvador 4,3Lebanon 6,0Dominican Republic
47Guatemala 4,3Norway 6,0Belgium
47Brunei 4,3Bangladesh 6,0Colombia
47Jamaica 4,2Malaysia 6,0Costa Rica
47Nigeria 4,2Cuba 6,0Iceland
47Puerto Rico 4,1Qatar 6,0Luxembourg
46Cyprus 4,1Ireland 6,0Nicaragua
46Sri Lanka 3,3France 6,0Portugal
45Mauritius 3,3Senegal 6,0Paraguay
45Nicaragua 3,3Trinidad and Tobago 6,0El Salvador
45New Zealand 3,2Chile 6,0Austria
45Philippines 3,2Palestinian 5,1Estonia
45Azerbaijan 3,2Guadeloupe 5,1New Zealand
44Ecuador 3,2India 5,1Philippines
44Costa Rica 3,2Japan 5,0Brunei
44Kenya 3,2Libya 5,0Bolivia
44Martinique 3,2Estonia 5,0Malaysia
44UK 3,2Panama 5,0Finland
44Australia 3,2Ukraine 5,0Netherlands
44Panama 3,2Italy 5,0Norway
44Senegal 3,2Sri Lanka 5,0Chile
44Dominican Republic 3,2Bulgaria 5,0Peru
43Morocco 3,2Martinique 5,0Poland
43Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,2New Zealand 5,0Slovenia
43Trinidad and Tobago 3,2Poland 5,0Georgia
43Uruguay 3,2El Salvador 5,0Germany
43Colombia 3,1Oman 5,0Cyprus
43South Africa 3,1Belarus 5,0Switzerland
43Lebanon 3,1Syrian 4,1Latvia
42Peru 3,1Lithuania 4,1Mongolia
42Reunion 3,1Netherlands 4,1Iran
42Switzerland 3,1UAE 4,0Moldova
41Cote d’Ivoire 3,1Denmark 4,0Vietnam
41Guadeloupe 3,1Canada 4,0UAE
41Paraguay 3,1Russia 4,0Martinique
41Bolivia 3,1United States 4,0Hungary
41Venezuela 3,1Austria 4,0Bahrain
40Malaysia 2,4Mongolia 4,0Argentina
40Algeria 2,2Moldova 4,0Pakistan
40Belgium 2,2Algeria 4,0Qatar
40Croatia 2,2Mauritius 4,0Romania
40Czech Republic 2,2Honduras 4,0Italy
39Bangladesh 2,2Colombia 4,0Guadeloupe
39Chile 2,2Luxembourg 4,0Sri Lanka
39Netherlands 2,2Sudan 4,0Kenya
39Norway 2,2Venezuela 3,1Lebanon
39Singapore 2,1Macedonia 3,1Libya
39Slovenia 2,1Philippines 3,1Hong Kong
39Serbia and Montenegro 2,1Iceland 3,1Taiwan
38Indonesia 2,1Paraguay 3,0Bangladesh
38Ireland 2,1Australia 3,0Oman
38Denmark 2,1Argentina 3,0Macedonia
38Portugal 2,1Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,0Sudan
38Luxembourg 2,1Spain 3,0India
38Slovakia 2,1Romania 3,0New Caledonia
38Brazil 2,1Serbia and Montenegro 3,0Croatia
37Sweden 2,1Bahrain 3,0France
37Estonia 2,1Finland 3,0Kuwait
37Vietnam 2,1Latvia 3,0Brazil
36Kazakhstan 2,1Uruguay 3,0Turkey
36Argentina 2,1Bolivia 3,0Japan
36Macao 2,1Switzerland 3,0Mauritius
36Tunisia 2,1Jordan 2,0Algeria
36Mexico 2,1Kazakhstan 2,0Egypt
36Mongolia 2,1Tunisia 2,0Jordan
35Lithuania 2,1Brunei 2,0Czech Republic
34Turkey 2,1Barbados 2,0Ukraine
34South Korea 2,1Yemen 2,0Yemen
33Romania 2,1UK 2,0Senegal
33Malta 2,1Hungary 2,0Nigeria
33Hong Kong 2,1Egypt 2,0Palestinian
32Poland 2,0Kuwait 2,0Slovakia
32Belarus 2,0Nicaragua 2,0South Korea
31Bulgaria 2,0Dominican Republic 2,0Serbia and Montenegro
31Italy 2,0Nigeria 2,0Syrian Arab Republic
31Moldova 2,0Saudi Arabia 2,0Reunion
30Thailand 1,1Puerto Rico 2,0Bosnia and Herzegovina
30Germany 1,1Costa Rica 2,0Israel
30Latvia 1,1Slovenia 2,0Russia
30Finland 1,1Cote d’Ivoire 2,0Cote d’Ivoire
29Georgia 1,1Mexico 2,0Spain
28Austria 1,1Croatia 1,0Macao
26Russia 1,1Iran 1,0Morocco
26Ukraine 1,1Peru 1,0Belarus
26Israel 1,0Kenya 1,0Bulgaria
25Taiwan 1,0Malta 1,0Azerbaijan
22Hungary 1,0Turkey 0,0Saudi Arabia
21Japan 1,0South Africa 0,0Kazakhstan

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Thomas Kuehne  –  Jan 26, 2008 2:45 PM

At least one upstream DNS server was very “helpful” and returned IPv4 embedded in IPv6 (e.g. ::FFFF: when asked for IPv6 records…

Thus the above table is meaningless.

I’ve repeated the survey this time filtering fake IPv6 records and using a dump of http://www.dmoz.org/ . DMZO is a directory to verified content sites and thus far less open to “gaming” than Alexa. At least 1000 different domains per ccTLD were queried and checked if the returned TPv6 was actually reachable (TCP connect to port 80 succeeded).

As can be seen below, the actual IPv6 deployment is - apart from the Slovak Republic with 7.1%, Switzerland with 2.7% and Czech Republic with 0.6% - virtual non-existent.

IPv6 working ‰ / IPv6 broken ‰ - country
71,17 / 17,49 - Slovak Republic
26,81 / 3,19 - Switzerland
6,02 / 0,80 - Czech Republic
4,55 / 0,00 - Estonia
3,09 / 1,16 - European Union
2,79 / 0,16 - Austria
2,24 / 0,28 - Niue
1,93 / 0,39 - Portugal
1,86 / 0,72 - Norway
1,74 / 0,18 - New Zealand
1,68 / 0,42 - Finland
1,67 / 0,42 - Japan
1,44 / 0,24 - Lithuania
1,41 / 0,28 - Ireland
1,16 / 0,15 - Netherlands
1,02 / 0,20 - Greece
0,99 / 0,99 - Hungary
0,95 / 0,00 - Samoa
0,84 / 0,00 - South Africa
0,84 / 0,04 - Denmark
0,81 / 0,00 - Taiwan
0,67 / 0,28 - France
0,58 / 0,00 - Cocos
0,56 / 1,11 - United States
0,51 / 0,51 - Malaysia
0,51 / 0,51 - Tuvalu
0,46 / 0,07 - Germany
0,46 / 0,37 - Sweden
0,40 / 0,00 - United Kingdom
0,34 / 0,34 - Croatia/Hrvatska
0,34 / 0,00 - Brazil
0,30 / 0,00 - Belgium
0,25 / 0,12 - Spain
0,18 / 0,00 - Russian Federation
0,12 / 0,12 - Canada
0,11 / 0,00 - Romania
0,08 / 0,08 - Italy
0,05 / 0,14 - Poland
0,00 / 2,18 - China
0,00 / 0,68 - Ukraine
0,00 / 0,64 - Colombia
0,00 / 0,53 - Argentina
0,00 / 0,32 - Australia
0,00 / 0,20 - Chile

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