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NeuStar Partners With MegaFon to Deliver Russia’s Third Mobile Instant Messaging Service

NeuStar Partners With MegaFon to Deliver Russia’s Third Mobile Instant Messaging ServiceNeuStar today announced that MegaFon, Russia’s first all-Russian mobile operator in GSM 900/1800 standard, has selected NeuStar to launch its new Instant Messaging (IM) service.

Using NeuStar’s Instant Messaging Service Centre (IMSC), MegaFon will launch its own-branded messenger solution. The service allows MegaFon’s over 42 million subscribers to better manage their communications, enabling them to easily recognise their contacts’ current availability and providing a further channel for subscribers to interact with friends and family. MegaFon Messenger is already available on dozens of mobile handsets, with more to follow, and over time will be offered as a PC client.

The service also may be interconnected to other mobile IM services across Russia using NeuStar’s Interconnect Platform (ICP). Mobile IM has become a key service offering for operators in the region. All three of Russia’s major operators have now launched mobile IM services. MegaFon plans for the service to be interconnected with Vimpelcom’s Beeline and MTS’ IM service. Vimpelcom’s Beeline IM service is enabled by NeuStar technology.

Subscribers using the service will have access to a MegaFon-branded IM client either already on their handset or easily downloadable from an online portal. Users can also choose to chat with friends and other MegaFon subscribers in custom-made chat rooms. Furthermore, the service enables full two-way continuity between SMS and mobile IM, allowing IM users to easily hold continuous conversations with contacts using traditional SMS messaging.

“Our aim is to provide subscribers with a comprehensive service offering, ensuring all needs are catered for,” said Denis Nochevnov, C-level in MegaFon responsible for VAS function. “Mobile IM is emerging as a popular service with Russia’s mobile users, and we needed to ensure that a quality messaging service is available to our subscribers. We selected NeuStar for its extensive experience delivering IM services and for its understanding of the importance of providing a second-to-none user experience that drives uptake.”

MegaFon Messenger will be promoted nationwide to all subscribers as a free service as a means to drive active users. Following summer 2009, activation of the service will remain free of charge, and users will then have the option to either pay per message sent or to purchase an unlimited messaging bundle for a fixed price.

“Mobile IM gives users ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to their online contacts, helping them stay in touch and allowing them to better control how they communicate through access to their buddies’ real-time status updates,” said Guenter Krauss, general manager of NeuStar Next Generation Messaging. “MegaFon’s investment in NeuStar’s solutions demonstrates its confidence in Mobile IM as a service that will enhance its subscribers’ experiences and provide unique opportunities to enhance revenue.”

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