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Google Launch of DNS Service and OpenDNS Reply

Earlier today Google announced the launch of their new DNS service. They’re pushing it as part of their “better experience” and “speed” drive that Matt Cutts and Co have been harping on about for the last while.

OpenDNS, however, has been offering a similar service for quite some time. A lot of Irish users were forced to use it earlier this year when Eircom, one of the country’s main ISPs, suffered severe issues with their DNS serving their broadband and dialup users.

So it was quite interesting to read OpenDNS’ response to the Google service. The article is a good read, but if you don’t have the time or energy skip to point 3:

“Google claims that this service is better because it has no ads or redirection. But you have to remember they are also the largest advertising and redirection company on the Internet. To think that Google’s DNS service is for the benefit of the Internet would be naive. They know there is value in controlling more of your Internet experience and I would expect them to explore that fully”

Yes. Did you honestly think that Google was doing this purely out of “goodwill”? If you did, then you might forgive me for thinking you’re a bit naive.

Access to enduser DNS data is pure gold.

Google will now have access to potentially millions of users’ DNS data. They claim they aren’t going to use the data for anything else, but they also state they’ll hold onto some of the data permanently. Why? The data is useless unless you plan on doing something with it…

If nothing else it means that Google will have even more control over the enduser’s browsing internet experience. I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing.

Let’s see how this pans out…

By Michele Neylon, MD of Blacknight Solutions

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