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No Broadband - Lower Real Estate Sales

A survey conducted by US company Comcast Business Class found 90% of building owners and property managers felt that broadband is the most important selling point in the commercial real estate market behind price, parking and location.

Highlights of the survey:

• 61% of commercial building owners and property managers report that having advanced communications in their buildings provides them with a competitive advantage

• One-half of respondents said that providing multiple service provider options positively impacts occupancy rates by up to 19%

• More than a third of respondents said the topic of access to advanced communications services comes up in 75% of negotiations with prospective tenants

There are still numerous areas in the USA where broadband isn’t available at all, and the new Comcast data underscores how important it has become to address that deficiency. Some have predicted that without a national broadband policy the rise of ghost towns in broadband dead zones will appear and the new Comcast data suggests that concern could be quite real.

By Paul Budde, Managing Director of Paul Budde Communication

Paul is also a contributor of the Paul Budde Communication blog located here.

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