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International Environmental Leaders Call for Community Protection of Dot Eco Domain

More than 50 major environmental groups have called on ICANN to protect the .ECO domain, representing a ground swell of public interest and support. Their letters [PDF 32 MB] are included with Big Room’s community-priority .ECO application to ICANN.

Executive Director of the Akatu Institute of Brazil and Dot Eco Organization Co-Chair Helio Mattar commented, “This is one of the highest-level global mobilizations of the environmental community in history. Over 190 countries, more than 1,000 entities and over 10 million individual members are represented.”

WWF International Director of Conservation Communications and Dot Eco Organization Co-Chair Richard McLellan added, “This is an issue that is at the core of the environmental movement. It is about representing and protecting organizational and individual values, and reflecting the strength of years of hard work and careful policy development. It is a true coming together of the community around a robust framework designed to govern .ECO for the greater good.”

Groups supporting .ECO community-priority status as of 30 May 2012:

International: 350.org, Amazon Watch, ANPED, BirdLife International, B Lab, Carbon Disclosure Project, Care2, Conservation International, DEKRA, Fauna & Flora International, Global Campaign for Climate Action (TckTckTck), Global Environmental Institute, Global Footprint Network, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Green Belt Movement International, Green Cross International, Green Economy Coalition, GreenTV, Greenpeace International, Greenseal, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da AmazĂ´nia (IPAM), ISEAL Alliance, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Ocean Conservancy, People 4 Earth, Rainforest Action Network, Rare Conservation, UL Environment, United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP?Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre, United Nations Global Compact, Verite, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, WWF International.

National: Akatu Institute, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, chinadialogue, David Suzuki Foundation, Development Alternatives, Dogwood Initiative, Ecojustice, Ecotrust Australia, Ecotrust Canada, Ecotrust US, Friends of Nature, Friends of the Earth Canada, Green America, Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs, Instituto Ethos, Pembina Institute, Project Dirt, Smart Approved Watermark, The Big Wild, YPB ? LEAD Indonesia.

Big Room’s .ECO application will be posted for 60 days of public comment on Wednesday June 13th.

By Jacob Malthouse, Fmr UNEP Staffer, Ex ICANN VP, Co-founder dot-eco domain registry.

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