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“Requiescat in Pace” - the new .RIP Generic Top-Level Domain

What does “RIP” stand for?

I thought “RIP” stood for “Rest In Peace”. I thought it was an acronym used in English only and a TLD that would be understood by the next generation; because no one would ever register such a domain name ending in .RIP today.

When you say “RIP”, it makes you think of death…

I have also said that such a TLD was something… typically American and that no other culture would consider buying such domain names because promoting death online is something a bit odd.

“RIP” is not an English acronym… it is Latin and it is not used only in the United Kingdom or in the USA; it is used worldwide in all cemeteries. Once I went to a French cemetery and I found a tombstone on which “R.I.P” was written. I learnt something on that day: “RIP” means “Requiescat in pace”.

Bright idea in fact


The RIP acronym reminds me the problems we face with new gTLDs in multiple languages: what happens if you have a .WINE and a .VIN but no .VINO? Isn’t it unfair for the Spaniards and the Italians? Actually it is the reason why I chose the Latin word for Project dotVinum to have all the major wine extensions under the same domain name.

.RIP is a direct answer to that multilingual problem because Latin is a universal TLD here and addresses all those interested: not only the English speakers.

The idea

I downloaded all three applications but I did not even read them. I don’t mind what is written inside. What does matter is how I feel about registering a .RIP new domain name as a “user”.

Why would you have a grave in a cemetery when you know that few people will visit in a lifespan? Much better to have one on Internet: people will be able to keep on hearing about you, after you have died. They could read about your life and, why not, find a set of pictures from that very person who died. It is much nicer than standing in front of a grave that has plastic flowers on it.

I even started believing that .RIP domain names and a vast range of other dedicated online services are something you may start finding when organizing funerals. What if undertakers from different countries started to offer this as a service? Isn’t this a great idea?

The French “Confédération des Professionnels du Funéraire et de la Marbrerie” is going to be happy when reading about this.

Who is behind the .RIP ?

Who is crazy enough to have considered applying for the .RIP new generic Top-Level Domain?

There were three applicants and only one is left now; the two other applications have been withdrawn from the ICANN new gTLD process:

1) One is from United TLD Holdco Ltd (now RightSide) and was won in an auction;
2) dotRIP LIMITED (application was withdrawn);
3) Nevaeh Ventures Inc (application was withdrawn).

Interested in reading about the applicant’s plan for .RIP? Download the public portion of the application.

By Jean Guillon, New gTLDs "only".

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