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CircleID’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

Here we are with CircleID’s annual roundup of top ten most popular posts featured during 2014 (based on overall readership). Congratulations to all the participants whose posts reached top readership and best wishes for 2015.

Top 10 Featured Blogs from the community in 2014:

#1Konstantinos KomaitisPermissionless Innovation: Why It MattersKonstantinos Komaitis | Apr 24, 2014
Viewed 32,123 times
#2John Grady7 Major Current Trends in Cloud ComputingJohn Grady | Mar 03, 2014
Viewed 29,917 times
#3Dan YorkAnyone Who Still Thinks IPv6 Won’t Happen Clearly Isn’t Watching the MeasurementsDan York | Feb 19, 2014
Viewed 28,476 times
#4Dan YorkPapers Now Available Publicly for W3C/IAB “Strengthening the Internet” WorkshopDan York | Feb 26, 2014
Viewed 27,712 times
#5David EisnerThe BIG Impact: How Cloud Computing is Changing the Face of Small BusinessDavid Eisner | Jun 19, 2014
Viewed 9,903 times
#6Wolfgang KleinwächterPINGO: NETmundial Adopts Principles on INternet GOvernanceWolfgang Kleinwächter | May 10, 2014
Viewed 9,853 times
#7Philip S. CorwinICANN is MIA on .XYZPhilip S. Corwin | Jun 12, 2014
Viewed 9,296 times
#8Kiran MalancharuvilICANN Board Approves ‘Thick’ Whois Requirement for .COM and .NETKiran Malancharuvil | Feb 25, 2014
Viewed 9,253 times
#9Peter HJ van EijkBusiness Model Canvas for SaaS ProvidersPeter HJ van Eijk | Dec 13, 2014
Viewed 9,017 times
#10Geoff HustonNANOG 61 - Impressions of Some PresentationsGeoff Huston | Jun 08, 2014
Viewed 8,975 times

Top 10 News in 2014:

#1CircleID Reporter50K .uk Domains Registered on Opening Day, Nominet Reports Jun 12, 2014
Viewed 8,483 times
#2CircleID ReporterSecure Domain Foundation Launched to Help Internet Infrastructure Operators Fight Cybercrime Mar 23, 2014
Viewed 7,699 times
#3CircleID ReporterPaul Vixie on How the Openness of the Internet Is Poisoning Us Jun 10, 2014
Viewed 6,911 times
#4CircleID ReporterSophia Bekele: The AUCC Debate on Cybersecurity Needs to Involve All Stakeholders Apr 04, 2014
Viewed 6,886 times
#5CircleID ReporterGoogle Launches First Japanese IDN Mar 06, 2014
Viewed 5,388 times
#6CircleID ReporterVint Cerf: Ask Your ISPs What Their Plan Is for IPv6 Apr 03, 2014
Viewed 5,186 times
#7CircleID ReporterGlobal Domain Name Registrations Reach 276 Million, Increase of Over 19M From Last Year Aug 11, 2014
Viewed 5,103 times
#8CircleID ReporterAsia Pac Digital Marketing & gTLD Strategy Congress to Be Held in Hong Kong on May 14-15 Feb 05, 2014
Viewed 4,875 times
#9CircleID ReporterNew York City Mayor Announces Next Step For Public Launch of Dot NYC (.nyc) Domain May 09, 2014
Viewed 4,769 times
#10CircleID ReporterEuropean Standardization Organizations Discuss Role of Standards for EU Cybersecurity Strategy Apr 03, 2014
Viewed 4,735 times

Top 10 Industry News in 2014 (sponsored posts):

#1Nominum24 Million Home Routers Expose ISPs to Massive DNS-Based DDoS AttacksNominum | Apr 02, 2014
Viewed 24,045 times
#2dotMobiOfcom Benchmarking UK Broadband Performance Welcomed, But Needs Considerable ImprovementdotMobi | Mar 14, 2014
Viewed 13,279 times
#3NeustarWhat Does a DDoS Attack Look Like? (Watch First 3 Minutes of an Actual Attack)Neustar | Mar 18, 2014
Viewed 6,195 times
#4NeustarWhy Managed DNS Means Secure DNSNeustar | Mar 07, 2014
Viewed 6,149 times
#5NeustarFour Reasons to Move from .COM to Your .BRAND DomainNeustar | Jul 14, 2014
Viewed 6,049 times
#6NeustardotStrategy Selects Neustar’s Registry Threat Mitigation Services for .BUZZ RegistryNeustar | Apr 03, 2014
Viewed 6,049 times
#7VerisignJoining Forces to Advance Protection Against Growing Diversity of DDoS AttacksVerisign | Mar 17, 2014
Viewed 5,491 times
#8DynSPECIAL: Updates from the ICANN Meetings in SingaporeDyn | Mar 27, 2014
Viewed 5,477 times
#9DynVideo Interviews from ICANN 50 in LondonDyn | Jul 24, 2014
Viewed 5,193 times
#10Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese WebsiteInfographic: Where in the World Do Chinese People Live?Dot Chinese Online & Dot Chinese Website | Oct 01, 2014
Viewed 4,793 times

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