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.film to Provide New Home Online for the Film Industry

The way feature films are promoted online to viewers across the world and the delivery of video and motion picture content on the web is set to change in a dramatic way, with the imminent introduction of the .film new Top-Level Domain (TLD).

Joining the likes of .com, .net and .org, the newly acquired .film TLD was officially switched on this week when ARI Registry Services supported the delegation of .film to the Internet’s authoritative root zone servers on behalf of the applicant, Motion Picture Domain Registry.

The addition of .film to the web is part of the new TLD program being rolled out by the global regulator of web addresses to introduce greater domain name choice and availability online. More than 500 new suffixes such as .menu, .sydney and .luxury are already live on the web.

Adrian Kinderis, Chief Executive Officer of ARI Registry Services, said the .film new TLD will provide a dedicated home for the film industry online.

“.film is a Top-Level Domain for the film industry. By creating an exclusive domain for film studios and producers, we will build an online space that has inherent authority and builds trust with consumers.

“When people see a .film domain name, they will know they’re looking at the official, authoritative site for that film or organisation.”

Mr Kinderis said ARI Registry Services is actively reaching out to the film industry for feedback, in order to best place .film to serve the needs and interests of the film community.

“This is a formative time for the namespace and we are open to any input that our industry partners may have to offer. As we look to launch .film later this year, we welcome any interaction with the industry to best refine our product.

“We envisage a scenario where film producers will simply be able to register the exact match domain name for their film or organisation, without fear from outside registrants eager to capitalise on end user confusion on the Internet, where there is currently no verification or certainty. This will also avoid the need for long, unwieldy and confusing domain names such as www.americansnipermovie.com or www.focusfeatures.com/the_theory_of_everything.

“.film will be the exclusive, premier namespace for the film industry and work in conjunction with other related services to deliver valued solutions to address the challenges the film industry faces now and into the future.”

ARI Registry Services has been appointed by Motion Picture Domain Registry to provide end-to-end operational management of the .film TLD. This comprehensive service from ARI Registry Services is a recent introduction which has already been adopted by the likes of Open Universities Australia, for strategic consultancy and operational management for the .study and .courses TLDs.

Mr Kinderis expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the project and desire to return maximum value to the film industry on behalf of Motion Picture Domain Registry.

“This is another major win for ARI Registry Services and adds to our growing list of industry leading TLDs under management. We look forward to building a robust business and solid revenue stream in partnership with our film industry stakeholders.”

Motion Picture Domain Registry won the rights to the .film namespace in October 2014 following a highly contested private auction with Google and new Top-Level Domain portfolio firm, Donuts.

By ARI Registry Services, The TLD Specialists

ARI Registry Services is driving innovation and the expansion of the Internet through the delivery of world-class domain name registry services. With over 10 years of experience, ARI Registry Services is a leading provider of Domain Name Registry Infrastructure Services and DNS Services for generic Top-Level Domain applicants and country code Registry Operators. We help governments, major brands and entrepreneurs across the globe realise the full potential of the Internet by providing expertise, security and reliability in operating a core piece of Internet infrastructure.

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