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CENTR Publishes a Paper on Domain Name Registries and Online Content

The Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries (CENTR) has published a paper on Domain name registries and online content which explores the domain name registries’ relation and role regarding content online. The paper touches on topics such as what illegal content online is, where content is located, and how current ccTLD practices relate to the availability of content online. From the paper: “Local legal frameworks define what content is illegal, and who has the authority to deal with it within the rule of law. This may vary from country to country. Removing illegal content from the Internet is the only effective solution that avoids it being accessed and consumed. The content publisher and the hosting provider have direct access to the content or the device that stores the content. ccTLD registries have no access to content and neither do they host or transfer content through their infrastructure.”

While CENTR hopes policies and practices presented in the paper could inspire other ccTLDs, it also notes that no guarantee copying a project or policy will lead to the same positive result, or indeed be legal within another ccTLD.

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