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How the Best IP Geolocation API Can Support Cybersecurity Efforts

Cybersecurity is pretty much a game of “hide and seek”—cybercriminals hide, cybersecurity teams seek—and the damage is often based on how long the perpetrators are able to continue their attacks without being found.

Intruders are getting very creative at this game. But thanks to the best IP geolocation APIs, the seekers seem to be gaining the upper hand in finding the hiding places of their adversaries.

This article will show how they do it and will explain why IP geolocation technology helps business security management in the protection against existing and potential threats.

Intruder Alert

Pinpointing the whereabouts of bad actors is the key function provided by an IP geolocation API in the collective effort to establish a safer Web. In fact, the turning point in any cybersecurity operation is when geolocation data identifies the source of an attack, complete with information on the country, time zone, ZIP code, and longitude/latitude coordinates of the attacker. Specialists can then quickly isolate its infrastructure and devise a way that can break down the threat.

Interestingly, past geolocation data can even prevent an incident from happening. They can reveal patterns from previously confirmed intrusions which, when compared with actual geolocation traffic, can detect suspicious movements.

You’ve Got (Bad) Mail

Email security has never been more at risk than in the age of social media where people are more than ever connected. It’s not uncommon for an employee to receive an email from a ‘friend’ asking for sensitive data. The impostor can even pose as the boss demanding a huge fund transfer. Use of IP geolocation can foil such attacks by subjecting emails to a geographical plausibility check.

The technique compares the location of the IP address in the email header with the data from the addressee and the localization characteristics of the email content. This allows malicious emails to be filtered out. More detailed geolocation analysis of large sets of emails can also uncover connected domains indicating a coordinated phishing expedition.

Geolocation Sensors Are Watching

Geolocation technology has enabled geolocation sensors to monitor large areas and keep them safe. The security provided by such innovation can reduce insurance costs and improve an organization’s bottom line. The electronic sensors can be accessed through an IP geolocation API to establish the exact location of any moving object in the area being watched. This will provide scientific evidence when prosecuting burglars or vandals

IP Information Upholds Privacy

Strict regulations that protect the privacy of personally identifiable information has somehow caused cybersecurity specialists to take cautious steps while investigating suspicious entities. Avoiding the danger of unduly jeopardized privacy is possible with IP geolocation data since personal details of Internet users are not revealed when geolocating an IP address. Users do not have to give their consent for any geographical information that may be accessed through the IP geolocation API, thus removing fears of legal accountabilities. You can read about it along with a few more interesting insights from our blog post on the 4 secrets of IP address geolocation.

Protecting You from Online Fraud

Credit cards have become a favorite mode of payment for many customers, so it’s not surprising that it has too become a favorite target for fraudsters. Unfortunately, phishing and social engineering can easily allow access to the corresponding information of vulnerable individuals. IP geolocation data can help secure online transactions by consistently monitoring transactional data to reveal regional discrepancies that indicate fraud. You can’t be in the US and shopping in Hong Kong at the same time, right? Geolocating transactions coming from high-risk countries can also raise a red flag.

* * *

Knowing where an IP address is located has immediate and perfectly legal applications for supporting cybersecurity efforts. Getting the best IP geolocation API can help businesses pinpoint threats, thus minimizing risks.

By WhoisXML API, A Domain Research, Whois, DNS, and Threat Intelligence API and Data Provider

Whois API, Inc. (WhoisXML API) is a big data and API company that provides domain research & monitoring, Whois, DNS, IP, and threat intelligence API, data and tools to a variety of industries.

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