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.bank and .insurance Join the Neustar Family

Neustar is pleased to announce that it is now the Registry Service Provider (RSP) for the .bank and .insurance Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Operated by fTLD Registry Services, LLC, a coalition of banks, insurance companies and financial services trade associations from around the world, .bank and .insurance are “restricted TLDs” that were created to provide additional levels of trust, verification and security to the highly regulated banking and insurance industries.

Just what is a restricted TLD? A restricted TLD’s namespace is limited to people or entities that satisfy specific policy criteria developed by the operator of the TLD. In .bank and .insurance, applicants undergo a thorough verification process before names can be registered. In addition, registrants are verified annually to ensure they adhere to the registry policies as long as the name is registered or run the risk of losing the name. fTLD, in operating both .bank and .insurance, has developed a specific set of criteria to which all registrants must adhere (their policies are located here: https://www.ftld.com/policies/). As a result, if you see .bank or .insurance at the end of a URL or email, it means that name’s registrant has successfully met fTLD’s registration validation criteria.

Neustar Senior Director of Registry Client Services, Jason Loyer said, “We pride ourselves in supporting restricted TLDs like .bank and .insurance which require bespoke technical and operational development that other TLDs do not. I’m honored to welcome fTLD to the Neustar family and look forward to helping execute their vision.”

Craig Schwartz, Managing Director of fTLD said, “When we began our search for a new Registry provider, we knew we needed to find a partner not only with a strong industry reputation but also one that offers industry-leading security, technical and operational solutions. Neustar was the right choice as they showed a willingness to work with us to develop a customized registration solution. We at fTLD are excited to join the Neustar family and work closely with the Neustar team, their other restricted TLD clients and .bank and .insurance focused brand clients as well.”
To learn more about Neustar’s registry solutions, please email us at [email protected].

By GoDaddy Registry, World-Leading Provider of Domain Name Registry Services

GoDaddy Registry (formerly Neustar Registry) is one of the world’s largest and leading domain name registry providers. We operate top-level domains (TLDs) on behalf of sovereign nations, city governments, global brands and domain registries so that people worldwide can bring their ideas to life online.

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