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Brand Registry Group Is Seeking an Executive Director to Join the Organization

The Brand Registry Group (BRG) is the global association supporting the needs of dotBrand Top-Level Domain (TLD) operators and promoting the benefits of dotBrand TLDs across the world.

With a membership base including some of the world’s most recognized brands, the BRG has been an integral part of the ICANN multistakeholder landscape since its inception in 2013 and has been instrumental in helping to shape policy and technical developments in this innovative area.

The BRG is currently seeking expressions of interest for a new Executive Director to join the organisation due to the departure of Martin Sutton who recently announced that he will be moving on to seek new opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

Martin Sutton, a TLD applicant himself in his previous role at HSBC, became the BRG Executive Director in 2015 and is well known across the industry for his work in various working groups and policy discussion.

BRG President Heath Dixon said today…

“The BRG is extremely grateful for Martin’s contributions. He built a significantly stronger organization by achieving an enormous amount of progress on behalf of our members.

Martin’s advocacy for the dotBrand community, his ability to navigate the complex policy environment, and the relationships he built across the industry has placed us in a position to enable more brand owners to build out their own spaces on the internet.

For this legacy, and his friendship through the years, we will be forever indebted to Martin as a dotBrand community and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”

The BRG Board are immediately commencing a search for a new candidate and interested parties can view the Expression of Interest from the BRG website here.

By Brand Registry Group, The Association for Brands at the Top Level

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