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Radix’s #FempowerOnline Campaign For .Online Domains Inspires Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs to Take Their Ideas Online

Offers $20,000 in cash prizes and specially curated web kits as motivation to turn their ideas into real businesses.

Radix’s .Online Domains recently announced the closure of their Instagram-led contest, #FempowerOnline. Launched on March 8th, the social media contest leveraged International Women’s Day and invited aspiring women entrepreneurs to share business ideas for women-centric domain names on .Online. In response, the contest received 650+ entries over its 8-week run. Overall, the #FempowerOnline campaign reached over 5 million people through social media and garnered over 245K engagements.

Spread across 2 phases of 4 weeks each, the contest partnered with seven influencers to ask their audiences to share a woman-centric business idea for 11 select .Online domain names. These included fempossible.online, fembeauty.online, and femmama.online, among others. Participants were asked to comment on their idea in the influencer’s Instagram Reel for a chance to win $500 in cash prizes and more.

The prizes included up to $20,000 in cash for 40 winners who were chosen over eight weeks and received $500 cash each. In partnership with Namecheap, Radix additionally gave away specially curated web kits worth $500 each to 20 winners. These included a standard .Online domain; Namecheap’s Stellar Plus hosting, PositiveSSL, PremiumDNS, and professional business email annual plans; membership to ‘The 10th House’ by the Female Founder Collective; and a $150 cash prize.

The #FempowerOnline campaign was born from the insight that today, more than ever, women are taking the entrepreneurial plunge. This trend has seen a historical rise and continues to be so. In fact, recent data about the growth of entrepreneurship across the United States revealed that women entrepreneurs grew by 48% YoY between January 2020 and December 2021, outpacing their male counterparts by 22%. While women aged 25-34 still account for the largest group of female entrepreneurs, we also see strong growth amongst women aged 18-24 (up 73%) and women over 65 (up 76%).

Speaking about the #FempowerOnline campaign, Priyanka Panchmatia, Sr. Brand Manager, .Online Domains said, “Through the #FempowerOnline contest, our goal was to bring into focus women-centric business ideas by women. Women entrepreneurs are on a historic rise, and the gap between the male and female total entrepreneurial rate is decreasing. This campaign was our way of supporting the growing community and encouraging more women to take the plunge.”

Radix’s .Online domains are no stranger to unique marketing campaigns enriching and empowering the entrepreneurial spirit. Last year, the brand launched the .Online Business Academy as a way to bridge the knowledge gap that exists among aspiring entrepreneurs.

About .Online Domains: Launched in 2015, Radix’s .Online Domains is the number 1 most registered nTLD in Europe and a leading domain extension for new and small businesses. With over 1.8M domains registered, .Online Domains has been the choice of some of the world’s most notable personalities and brands, including DoorDash (www.order.online) and Jordan Belfort (www.jb.online), among others.

By Radix, Domain Names for the New Internet

Radix is one of the world’s leading new domain registries with 10 new extensions that include .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, .FUN and .UNO. Through these extensions, Radix is empowering business owners to get short, memorable and descriptive domain names that can be used for a website, email address, or a variety of other internet addressing purposes. For more details, visit http://www.radix.website.

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