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Amazon Gets FCC Approval to Deploy Its Project Kuiper Broadband Satellites

Amazon’s newly expanded satellite manufacturing at the acquired Project Kuiper facility (Photo: Amazon)

Today, the FCC has sided with Amazon in a regulatory battle over Project Kuiper, the company’s satellite internet system. Despite objections from rival SpaceX, the commission has approved Amazon’s plan to prevent the upcoming satellite internet constellation from causing orbital debris in space. Amazon has been granted a license to operate 3,236 satellites in Earth’s orbit to power the satellite internet system but with certain conditions. These conditions involve the US regulator closely scrutinizing the company for satellite failures and require Amazon to report to the FCC when it has failed to properly dispose of two or more satellites per year. In response to the decision, Amazon welcomed the FCC’s evaluation of its orbital debris mitigation plan and permission to launch and operate the satellite constellation.

What’s next: With the FCC’s approval, Amazon is now able to begin deployment of its constellation. The company has already announced deals with Arianespace, Blue Origin, and United Launch Alliance for 83 launches over the next five years. This will allow it to deploy the majority of its planned satellites. The first prototypes are expected to launch in 2023 on the Vulcan Centaur rocket.

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