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SpaceX Launches 1st Batch of New “V2 Mini” Starlink Satellites to Orbit With Four Times More Capacity

SpaceX’s V2 Mini Starlink satellites. (Photo: SpaceX)

SpaceX is continuing to launch more Starlink satellites in an effort to increase the speed of its internet service. The tech company recently announced the launch of the V2 Mini satellites, which are designed to provide four times more per-satellite capacity than earlier versions. These satellites were deployed from the Falcon 9 rocket and put into orbit on February 27th.

The V2 Mini satellites are smaller than the V2 satellites, but they are more advanced in terms of antenna technology and the use of E-band for backhaul. This will enable Starlink to increase its capacity per satellite. However, it is not yet known if current user terminals installed at customers’ homes can take full advantage of this new technology.

The Federal Communications Commission recently gave SpaceX approval to launch 7,500 of the 30,000 planned second-generation satellites, and the new launch puts 21 V2 Minis into orbit.

The larger V2 satellites will be able to send signals directly to cell phones, which will be used by SpaceX and T-Mobile in a partnership announced in August 2022. This will enable customers to access higher speeds and better connectivity.

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