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UK First Country to Implement Cybersecurity Laws for Smart Devices, Including Banning Easily Guessable Default Passwords

Today UK’s new consumer protection laws against hacking and cyber-attacks officially take effect. This legislation, a global first, mandates that all internet-connected smart devices—from smartphones and game consoles to connected refrigerators—meet stringent security standards.

Key elements of the new regulations include the prohibition of weak, easily guessable default passwords such as ‘admin’ or ‘12345’. Upon setup, devices with common passwords will prompt users to create a stronger, unique one. This measure aims to prevent cyber-attacks similar to the 2016 Mirai attack, which compromised 300,000 devices and disrupted internet service across the US East Coast.

The introduction of these laws is expected to enhance the UK’s cybersecurity resilience significantly. With statistics indicating that 99% of UK adults own a smart device and an average household possesses nine connected devices, the potential for cyber threats is extensive. A report by Which? revealed that smart homes could be vulnerable to over 12,000 hacking attempts globally in just one week.

This legislative move is part of the UK’s broader National Cyber Strategy and aligns with the government’s commitment to establishing the UK as the safest place online globally. The initiative not only aims to protect individual consumers but also supports the overall economic growth by fostering a safer digital environment.

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