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Sitting Around the Domain Table

I went to Domain Roundtable with some reservations. I was excited about meeting other domain portfolio holders, but I wasn’t sure what to expect from the ICANN and Verisign people there, the corporate intellectual property people, and the corporate attorneys. I was pleasantly surprised by everyone I met. Chris Sheridan from Verisign was hilarious during Domain Sponsor’s casino night, and asked some really sharp questions during presentations. Many of the attorneys agreed that it was better to send “gentle cease and desist letters” or even make informal contact with alleged cybersquatting domainers rather than send the traditional “nasty” C&D letter.

M. Scott Donahey, who decided the first domain name case under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, acknowledged that selling domains is now seen as a legitimate business use of a domain. While many domains are still deemed to have been “registered in bad faith,” it’s no longer the case that holding a domain portfolio makes one immediately suspect as a cybersquatter.

John Berryhill was almost the funniest lawyer there. The two-part “Proactive vs. Reactive IP Strategy” was spirited and entertaining. Bob Cumbow described sending one of the very first nasty C&D emails (which had always been paper documents in the past). He received an immediate response pleading “Please don’t sue me, I’m 11 years old.”

I still don’t understand why Bob Parsons needs body guards. I bumped into him and the bodyguards on the elevator and asked him about them. They stiffened-up and he told me that they were to protect him from people like me on elevators.

I felt like the event was truly a roundtable. We all left understanding each other better. I was glad to hear that future roundtables will be held. I hope to be able to attend many of these.

By Leonard Holmes, Clinical Psychologist/Domain Professional

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Jothan Frakes  –  Jun 6, 2005 7:13 AM

The Domain Roundtable 2005 was a success, and the 2006 conference is already being planned.

It was a fantastic event, with great sessions, panels, and participants like Leonard Holmes, who I got the priveledge of meeting briefly at the conference.

The participants deserve much of the credit for making it such a success…  all of us who are passionate about the domain name industry got the opportunity to hear about current events and meet like-minded and spirited players.

My personal appreciation goes out to all of the speakers, panelists, and sponsors, and the great folks such as Leonard for taking time to attend (and to write favorable reviews of) the conference.

Next year, the only reservations needed will be travel and hotel…

Matthew Elvey  –  Jun 14, 2005 3:39 PM

Bodyguards for Bob? With the number of customers he has*, and with the many positions he boldly takes (taking one is controversial and the norm is not to), I’m not surprised.  (He’s ticked me off with some of them, even as I heartily agree with the rest, and overall admire the guy.)

*if 0.00001% of his customers slapped him, he’d probably be dead.

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