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Thought Leaders Create New Trends & Solutions, Followers Just Follow - Which Are You?

Last week I asked on a post elsewhere, why we, at the MLi Group, chose to consider speakers, panelists, supporters and sponsors at our Global Summit Series (GSS) as “Thought Leaders” and “Trend Setters? Many wrote me directly offering their answers and then it dawned on me that my answer may (or may not) get appreciated by many at the ICANN community.

So here is why we do.

Most of your already know that The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) London Summits hosted by Google London Campus titled: New Poli-Cyber™ Security Threats Impacting All - Are You Prepared? & Innovator MEET Accelerator / Investor “iMai™” are on (Feb 1-2, 2016).

Not Just High Caliber Speakers.

Our Global Summit Series (GSS) titled: Prepare for the new MiLE, where MiLE stands for new Multilingual internet and Landscape Ecosystem, already featured high caliber speakers in their own right, ranging from a Secretary General of a UN Agency, to chairmen of Telecom Regulatory Authorities as well as partners and division heads of global and local businesses and organizations, just to name a few.

Our upcoming London summit sessions, feature high caliber speakers and thought leaders from the Ministry of Defense (MOD), Ernst & Young, PA Consulting, Microsoft, Google, African Union, Warwick University Cyber Security Department, ITU, and ICANN, to name a few.

Distinguished Characteristics Above & Beyond Call of Duty.

All our speakers are highly respected experts in their own fields who chose to join and offer their expertise to shed better light and discuss new threats and challenges that many are shying away from. New threats like the new Poli-Cyber security threats impacting all and the real causes behind them, current and new innovative solutions on how to be better prepared which challenge conventional thinking, “Brand Protection” in a Poli-Cyber threatened world, as well as protecting children online in an ever growing dark web.

Above all, they all joined us to support our mission and our Global Summit Series out of a desire to help local and global stakeholders become aware of the new risks and make them better prepared. They do so above and beyond mere “ROI” of their involvement.

New Threats that Impact Us All In The New Age.

Thought leadership is a necessary ingredient at our Global Summit Series in tackling critical topics and summit sessions in the New Age, Internet of things “IoT”, and “MiLE” such as:

  • New Poli-Cyber Security Threats,
  • New Social and Cooperate responsibilities, especially of front line service providers,
  • Securing “Trust” Online and Offline,
  • Brand Protection in a Poli-Cyber threatened world,
  • Child Protection Online,
  • Innovators & Startups joining and pitching their local and global solutions to current and new problems, also to name a few.

To address, debate and conclude on such critical and challenging topics and offer consensus based recommendations/outcomes without thought leadership, and not having to tow some other agenda, would be almost impossible.

Creating New Trends & Opportunities.

For the record, more thought leaders will be on full display at Innovator Meet Accelerator/Investor “iMai” summit on Day-2 when innovators and startups join us to pitch their ideas & tech solutions to the accelerators, mentors, industry experts, and some to be seed funded by the MLi Group iMai Fund.

Through the MLi Group GSS and iMai initiatives, we plan to not only identify the next good and big ideas, accelerate and mentor them, and possibly invest in them, but to also identify and accelerate the activities of future innovators / thought leaders / trend setters to do the same in their own local communities. We plan on enabling these citizens to make the new MiLE a better ecosystem for all today, and for generations to come.

Can’t Fake Thought Leadership.

But what makes them real “Thought Leaders” is their desire and willingness to jump on such challenging critical topics, not because it can lead to a direct financial benefit or increase sales for next quarter, it might, but because they want to help make other stakeholders, locally and globally, more informed and therefore better prepared for the looming threats on many fronts. They want to feel that they are contributing and part of this positive change in the new MiLE. They simply want to make the world a better place, while doing their job. This is the epitome of market and brand loyalty development and true “Thought Leadership”.

Who is Attending & Should Attend?

Businesses, NGOs, Civil Society, Governments, Regulators, Innovators, Startups and Entrepreneurs. Those with new solutions and innovations to existing and new problems that serve the needs of local communities and meet commercial and philanthropic goals, especially in emerging markets. Also, Investors, Mentors, Accelerators and Partners who want to enable innovators in this space.

Free Delegate Registration (not for long).

We made registration free to maximize the stakeholder awareness creation. However, remaining space is very limited so register now and ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Are You A Thought Leader?

If finding and inspiring new socially responsible commercial and philanthropic opportunities that motivate people to act, if lifting others out of poverty & desperation, in the west and in emerging markets by creating new entrepreneurial opportunities is close to your ethos, and if you see yourself and your organization as true thought leaders and trend setters, then your involvement, support and sponsorship will not only be well received but well rewarded. If you believe you possess such qualities and wish to join our journey and be part of the new solutions, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at the details at end of this post.

Call to action.

Join us on our journey to help empower people, both locally and globally, offering them much needed new knowledge and guidance to help them become better prepared for the looming threats already impacting all. Contribute to bringing new solutions to these threats turning them into great new opportunities that change people’s lives. Be a conduit to creating new local thought leaders and trend setters so that they can in turn help their own communities.

Express Yourself & Your Interest.

For more information or to send us your Expression of Interest, email us at EOI (at) MLiGrp.com identifying your interest to: Support, Sponsor, Speak, Mentor and/or Exhibit at our London or future summits, and/or, invest in iMai Fund.

By Khaled Fattal, MLi Group Chairman & Survivability News Publisher

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