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First Leap to Secure Linguistic Internet - Arabic SSL Certificates Launched

Linguistic Internet is becoming stronger with the first leap to develop non-Latin applications, as Arabic Language SSL Certificates has been launched by M/s ArabicSSL with the support of Live Multilingual Translator and The Multilingual Internet Group. This step is highly appreciable because this will ensure the security and stability and develop trust over new Internet layers of Internationalized Domains (IDN TLDs).

Financial Institutions will have more confidence to provide SSL security on their Online Financial Transaction services.

According to a press release, Arabic Internet to become a Securely-Certified Internet with the Launch of ArabicSSL™ Certificates.

The vision and journey that started more than a decade ago to deliver a Globally Multilingual Internet and to specifically empower and enable an Arabic Internet today took a giant leap forward in delivering a securely certified Arabic Internet with the official launch of the ArabicSSL™ Certifications.

ArabicSSL™ Certificates were created specifically to address a serious perpetual local problem in the Arabic Internet and its market, and to provide a localized solution based on Internationally Recognized Authentication and Encryption Mechanisms in SSL Certification.

Because ArabicSSL™ Certificates are now recognized by virtually all web browsers in the world like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others means that ArabicSSL™ Certificates are ready for deployment to securely certify websites anywhere in the world.

Founder and chairman of ArabicSSL™ and The Multilingual Internet Group Mr. Khaled Fattal said on this occasion: “This is a milestone for the Arabic Internet by turning it into a secure Arabic Internet to subsequently enable and implement a vast array of Pan Arab e-commerce and e-payment solutions. Despite the recent boom in users in the Arabic Internet and with the highest rate of Internet penetration growth in the world being in the Middle East, the majority local Internet users still lack the confidence to perform financial and other sensitive transactions online locally or internationally.”

Mr. Fattal later added: “The primary reasons had been that virtually all local websites in the Arabic market are not securely certified with a valid SSL Certificate, let alone a localized one. Add to that the lack of awareness of the security risks to users and website owners from websites that are without valid SSLs, until now. With the launch of ArabicSSL™ Certificates, this is about to change dramatically. ArabicSSL™ Certificate is the localized yet internationally recognized solution in removing these barriers to igniting a localized but Secure Pan Arab Internet en route to a booming Arabic e-commerce market”.

ArabicSSL™ Certificates will range from domain and email certificates to full website encryption readiness for e-commerce. Certificate names such as ” Nitaqat” ArabicSSL™ for Domain Names Certification of a website, “Moassassat” for Organization certifications, “Moatamad” for Companies, “Email” for Email Certification and “Mowathak” ArabicSSL™ - 128/256 bit SSL Certificates with Server Gated Cryptography (SGC)... to name a few are ready today for issuance and deployment.

Finally, it is stated that this step will support Policies Development Process for ICANN’s mission to IDN TLDs.

By Imran Ahmed Shah, IT Consultant

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How to Generate your own SSL Certificate Imran Ahmed Shah  –  Aug 12, 2010 5:21 AM

Microsoft also provide a utility to generate your own SSL Certificate, however it is a matter of luck that you can embed your Non-English (Unicode) Characters.
The utility is “makecert.exe”. You can locate it in Visual Studio Folder; “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\Bin” or you can also get it from windows SDK.

Microsoft MSDN also describe that how to do it, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd434713.aspx

Varisign Certificates also have IDN support Imran Ahmed Shah  –  Aug 12, 2010 5:39 AM

Varisign SSL Certificates also support Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).
All VeriSign® SSL Certificates and the VeriSign Trust™ Seal support IDN. This was announced in 2008 by VeriSign.

However it is more important to know that VariSign has obtained approval of the Patent for Registering and using multilingual domain names.

Symantec to Acquire VeriSign's Security Business Imran Ahmed Shah  –  Aug 12, 2010 5:45 AM

By combining VeriSign’s SSL Certificate Services with Symantec Critical System Protection or Protection Suite for Servers. The combination of the information classification capabilities of Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention solutions and Data Insight technology along with VeriSign’s identity security services, will allow us to help customers ensure that only authorized users have access to specific information. For more information on how VeriSign’s services will augment Symantec’s portfolio please visit: http://go.symantec.com/verisign

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