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SHPS Deploys BlueCat Networks DDI Solution to Simplify, Secure Distributed Health Management Network

BlueCat Networks, the IPAM Intelligence™ company, today announced that SHPS, a leading provider of health improvement and health benefits services, has replaced its home-grown DNS system with two Proteus IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions, two Adonis 1000 solutions and two Adonis 750 solutions to simplify network management and increase network reliability. The two Proteus solutions provide centralized IPAM, the two Adonis 1000s are utilized for external DNS and the two Adonis 750s are utilized for internal DNS.

“With a multitude of client websites to support, SHPS was in need of a hardened, user-friendly DNS system,” said Mike Johnson, Director of Network Services at SHPS. “Prior to deploying our BlueCat platform, we had a ‘home-grown’ BIND DNS server which was non-user friendly, difficult to update, and prone to failure,” Johnson continued. “We required a system that allowed multiple administrators to easily make changes, and one with integrated workflow capability.”

Founded in 1997, SHPS employs more than 2000 associates including physicians, registered nurses, health educators, benefit specialists, and IT experts along with legal, financial and marketing professionals. In order to meet the needs of a highly diverse workforce, SHPS relies on a highly-distributed network. SHPS deployed BlueCat Networks IPAM and DNS/DHCP solutions to simplify and centralize DNS & IP address management, and provide much-needed business continuity and DNS reliability.

“With our dual data center, dual Internet gateway architecture, we required a DNS system capable of supporting our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery needs,” explained Johnson. “We were also in need of a better IP address management methodology as prior to our BlueCat system, IP address administration was accomplished via spreadsheets,” Johnson continued. “Because the responsibility of IP address allocation had changed departments over the years, the integrity of the IP address data was questionable—deploying BlueCat’s Proteus IPAM system allowed us to create a baseline, and eliminate data integrity issues associated with IP address management.”

BlueCat Networks’ Proteus IPAM solutions integrate with its Adonis DNS/DHCP solution as well as Microsoft Windows DNS and DHCP to simplify network management by making it easy for administrators to fully integrate IP inventory tracking and allocation, along with DNS and DHCP management. Administrators can design networks with a simple conceptual view, then deploy and manage them across the organization. When managing DNS and DHCP, Proteus becomes “mission control,” offering full command and customization of configurations from a central, secure Web-based interface to make it simple to eliminate all IPAM problems by centrally managing and auditing IPv4, IPv6, DNS and DNSSEC networks. For a free trial of BlueCat Networks’ VMware Ready™ Proteus IPAM solution and Adonis DNS/DHCP solution, please visit http://www.bluecatnetworks.com/free-trial.

About SHPS
SHPS, Inc. is a national, single-source provider of benefits administration services and health improvement programs. It serves large and mid-sized employers, government agencies, and third-party administrators through the company’s Carewise Health, Landacorp, and SHPS brands. Whether accessing a single service or a suite of solutions, clients benefit from its unique perspective of the entire employee experience. For more information, please visit www.shps.com.

By BlueCat Networks, IP Address Management (IPAM)

BlueCat Networks is the Leader in IP Address Management (IPAM) and DNS (DNSSEC)/DHCP Core Services, including the centralized management of Microsoft Windows® DNS/DHCP services. Available in, software (VMware), hardware (appliance) and Managed Service (Proteus Cloud Services) formats, BlueCat Networks has sold to a large number of Global Fortune 1000 companies and many classified and unclassified government agencies.

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