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Announcing Verisign IntelGraph: Unprecedented Context for Cybersecurity Intelligence

With significant data breaches making headlines over the last six months, most notably the U.S. Government’s Office of Personnel Management (OPM), organizations managing critical networks and data are watching their worst nightmares play out on a public stage. As these organizations hustle to shore up their defenses in the wake of new breaches, security intelligence is playing a large role in helping key decision makers cut through the glut of security information, and understand which threats are relevant. But how do analysts determine the relevance of a threat?

In short, context. By analyzing the relationships between otherwise disparate incidents, actors, vulnerabilities, exploits, malware families and other threat elements, analysts can see threats from multiple angles, which can help them identify flaws in their own infrastructure, anticipate new vectors and better understand their adversaries. The problem is that many providers have traditionally delivered their intelligence in static reports and database entries, leaving the hard work of creating context to someone else—until now.

At the Black Hat 2015 security conference, we will unveil the Verisign IntelGraph, a proprietary, next-generation security intelligence platform and application programming interface (or API) that allows users to search, manipulate, visualize and contextualize relationships between elements within the iDefense Security Intelligence knowledge base, which has been developed over the last 17 years. IntelGraph is able to add additional context and further perspective into threats because it is built with graph database technology at its core.

Unlike traditional relational databases that rely on index lookups, graph databases are based on graph theory and allow nodes that contain information on threat actors, malware, vulnerabilities, campaigns, targets, phishing emails, etc., to be related to one another. This data structure enables faster access to relevant data and the ability to visualize relationships among disparate data. The result is a dynamic perspective that adjusts as the user manipulates the data behind the graph.

The approach is different; it’s disruptive. Users may never look at security intelligence the same way again.

Please join us at Black Hat 2015 for a demo of Verisign IntelGraph at our booth #941, and see for yourself how different it really is. If you can’t make it to BlackHat, watch the two use case videos below to see Verisign IntelGraph in action. To learn more about iDefense Security Intelligence Services, visit www.VerisignInc.com/iDefense.

Verisign iDefense IntelGraph: Vulnerability Threat Exposure Use Case:

Verisign iDefense IntelGraph: Malware Analysis Use Case:


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