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ICANN Says It Will Not Get Directly Involved With Infringing Domains

ICANN will not act as judge and jury in copyright disputes. TorrentFreak reports: “In a letter to the president of the Intellectual Property Constituency, ICANN chief Stephen Crocker says that ICANN is neither ‘required or qualified’ to pass judgment in such cases. ... The latest efforts come from the Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC) and the Coalition for Online Accountability (COA), which count the major studios and record labels among their members. Both have concerns over the ‘Public Interest Commitments’ (PICs) present in new gTLD registry agreements.”

“Collaborate now, reduce litigation later,” Trevor Little reporting in World Trademark Review / 5 Jul 2016: “IP community is not trying to position ICANN as policers of content [says Gregory S Shatan], but rather ensure that obligations are being met once contracts are in place: The June 30 letter perpetuates the notion that ICANN is being asked ‘to make factual and legal determinations as to whether a registered name holder or a website operator is violating applicable laws’. This may play well with those who think ICANN is being asked to be the ‘content police’, but it’s just not the case. ICANN does not need to engage in legal analysis of any particular user’s online activity; what ICANN needs to do is to make sure that registries and registrars are complying with their contractual obligations relating to abusive and illegal behaviour.”

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