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Berners-Lee Urges Citizens to Comment: “Four Days to Save the Open Internet in Europe”

In an open letter released today, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Professor Barbara van Schewick, and Professor Larry Lessig are urging citizens, lawmakers and regulators, to speak up. “Four days to save the open Internet in Europe.”—Web Foundation / 14 Jul 2016: “We are so close. In October, the European Parliament voted on network neutrality rules for the European Union. Now regulators are writing guidelines to determine how the law will be applied in practice. These guidelines could secure net neutrality in Europe—if regulators use them to close potential loopholes in the law… If we speak up now, we can convince regulators to do the right thing.”

“Open Internet Access on the Line in Brussels,” Cathy Sloan wrote in blog post on CircleID / 13 Jul 2016: “Tangible threats to open Internet access lurk in Europe today, not the least of which is the level of technical and legal complexity in the Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 itself. In combination with some conflicting and ambiguous interpretations in the BEREC guidelines, this situation could lead 28 separate national authorities to very different implementation of the Regulation. Such a patchwork would certainly frustrate achievement of the digital single market, harming entrepreneurial innovation and economic growth.”

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