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CAICT Holds ICANN 58 China Internet Community Readout Session

In the afternoon of March 29, the CAICT held the ICANN 58 China Internet Community Readout Session in the CAICT together with the ICANN Beijing Engagement Center. Mr.Li Xiangning, Deputy Director General of Information and Communication Administration under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), attended the event and gave a speech on the meeting. Over 60 representatives from related governmental agencies including the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Beijing Communications Administration, domain name registries and registrars, industrial organizations, institutes and universities participated in the seminar. The attendants introduced the developments of the ICANN 58 Copenhagen Meeting held from March 10 to 16 and further discussed the ICANN affairs and hot topics on the meeting.

On the meeting, Li Xiangning, Deputy Director General of Information and Communication Administration, gave a speech, which fully affirmed the important role of the community exchange and cooperation platform set up by the CAICT and the ICANN Beijing Engagement Center in enhancing common understanding and promoting cooperation of the China Internet community, and presented his opinions over ICANN jurisdiction issue and the open registration of country name and country code in second-level domains. Li said that the MIIT would always support the development of the China Internet community and regard it as an important approach to implement the Internet power strategy so as to further strengthen China’s discourse about international affairs and the rule-making processes.

Jia-Rong LOW, Vice President of ICANN and General Manager of the Asia-Pacific Operations, introduced several important topics on the ICANN Copenhagen meeting, expressed his appreciation to the growth of the China Internet community, and fully affirmed the contribution by Song Zheng, Director of the ICANN Beijing Engagement Center to ICANN affairs and the China Internet community. And he also announced that Song would leave his position and Zhang Jianchuan, Senior Researcher of KNET, would take over his position. The attendants expressed their appreciations for Song’s efforts in the last three years and extended their congratulations to Zhang Jianchuan on his new role.

Guo Feng, Vice Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) and Researcher of the CAICT, introduced the general conditions of ICANN 58 Copenhagen and the progress of GAC’s key topics. Attendants, such as Shen Zhi and Chu Nan from CNNIC, Liu Limei from CONAC, Professor Kan Kaili from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Cai Xiongshan from Tencent Research Institute, Wang Wei and Zhang Jianchuan from KNET, Pam Little from Alibaba Cloud, Wu Yangyi from “.??” Domain Name Registry, Tan Yaling from Teleinfo, introduced the progresses of topics including ICANN, APNIC and APLTD related to the meeting and shared their experience on the ICANN 58. The seminar was moderated by Liu Yue of CAICT. The attendants discussed the issues such as ICANN jurisdiction and the compliant operations of domain name practitioners and unanimously considered that the China Internet community should further strengthen communication and coordination, enhance the quality of participants and the voluntariness, further their concerns about the progress of the second phase of the ICANN accountability, and voluntarily participate in the domain name rule making process so as to promote the development of China’s Internet domain name industry and strengthen the discourse and influence of the China Internet community.

On the morning of March 29, the CAICT held a lecture for domain name registries and registrars to introduce the progresses of policies related to new gTLDs and the domain name service compliance training. The lecture aroused attentions of attendants and became a new highlight beyond the seminar.

Since the signing of the MOU with the ICANN in June 2014, the CAICT has held several China Internet community seminars after each ICANN conference to introduce the conference experience and discuss common concerns of the China Internet community about ICANN internationalization, IANA stewardship transition, and international domain name policy making to promote the growth of China Internet community. In 2017, the CAICT will continue to play its role in holding the seminar and to contribute to the communication and cooperation of the China Internet community and deepened participation in the Internet governance of the China Internet community.

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