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Upcoming Brands and Domains Conference to Explore Various Views on DotBrands

After its first edition in Valencia, Brands and Domains will travel this time to the Netherlands where the second conference will take place from the 2nd to 3rd of October 2017.

This time, Dot Stories, the main organizer, chose the Hotel Amrath Kurhaus for the event. Nowadays, more than 600 applicants hold already the right to start their own dot brand, but there are not so many who have been brave enough to use it.

The objectives of the Brands and Domains conference are:

  • Inform and educate brands about the existing use cases. Support the integration of dotBrand in the global digital marketing tools landscape.
  • Educate communication and web agencies about the potential of dotBrand domains.
  • Raise awareness of dotBrand global programme.
  • Connect the world of digital marketing and branding with the domain name ecosystem.

In this second edition of Brands & Domains conference, there will be featuring speakers such as Akram Atallah, Deputy CEO and President, Global Domains Division of ICANN and Georges Edouard Dias, CEO of Quantstreams and ex Chief Digital Officer of l’Oreal. We will also exclusively share the results of an SEO contest run by web agencies, and will also involve universities and researchers.

The conference is a neutral and non-biased platform, where attendees and speakers will debate and exchanges point of views. The topics are organized in four main categories:

  • Governance
  • Brand Protection
  • Customer Experience
  • Brand Communication

Attendees are executives or senior managers from brands and agencies around the world. Registrars and registries will connect with marketers and brand specialists to help develop and generate brand value.

For more information, visit brandsand.domains

By Sara Vivanco, Marketing Manager

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Many .BRANDs coming Jean Guillon  –  Aug 23, 2017 9:35 AM

I checked the list of speakers and I see that .HSBC will be there, .BERLIN - .LOREAL and Valideus (62 applications to achieve scores of 100% by the ICANN evaluators), not bad.

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