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Dell Loses Key Customer Support Domain Name for a Month, Site Exposed to Questionable Content

The website designated by Dell Inc. to help customers recover from malicious software and other computer maladies may have been hijacked for a few weeks this summer by people who specialize in deploying said malware, reports Brian Krebs in KrebsOnSecurity. “Sometime this summer, DellBackupandRecoveryCloudStorage.com was suddenly snatched away from a longtime Dell contractor for a month and exposed to some questionable content. More worryingly, there are signs the domain may have been pushing malware before Dell’s contractor regained control over it. ... It’s not yet clear how or why DellBackupandRecoveryCloudStorage.com got away ... But someone at SoftThinks apparently forgot to renew the domain in mid-June 2017.”

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The domain is dezoned during the redemption Charles Christopher  –  Oct 25, 2017 9:52 PM

The domain is dezoned during the redemption period, therefor serving as notice to the registrant that something is wrong.

How can one run a malware site and not even notice, or care (redemption!), the site is offline? And when you do there *IS* a way to return it to your account. There simply are no excuses here.

Further, it still baffles me why large web centric corporations do not setup their own registrar and put all their domains in it. The cost and management is minimal, and orders of magnitude less than the cost of one lost domain. And being a self registrar, “can not”, be stolen ..... If a domain is stolen then there it problem than affects the foundation of domain management and it WILL be fixed, and the registry WILL transfer the domain back.

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