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Demand for Cybersecurity Workers in the United States Has Nearly Doubled Since 2013

Cybersecurity job postings in the United States has nearly doubled since 2013 and is growing three times as fast as other IT roles, according to a new report from the labor market analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies. The report also indicates that despite the significant increase in cybersecurity postsecondary programs and graduates, the pool of available talent to job openings has barely changed since 2015.

Possibility of an ever-widening gap: “As demand for cybersecurity workers has boomed, the supply of these workers has struggled to keep pace,” says Burning Glass CEO Matthew Sigelman. “This cybersecurity challenge shows no sign of slowing, either for government or business. Unless we can rapidly expand the pipeline of workers into cybersecurity, we will face an ever-widening gap in the number of workers available for jobs.”

Nature of cybersecurity hiring is shifting in significant ways: “As data are moving into the cloud and as more work is being undertaken through distributed networks, there has been rapid growth in demand for cybersecurity talent with knowledge of cloud technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), with projected growth in demand of 170% and 140% respectively.”

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